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Jabra CRUISER2 Review

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PROS / The Jabra Cruiser2 provides customers with excellent help and support options.

CONS / The device is attractively designed, but it's too large for convenient out-of-car use.

 VERDICT / The Jabra Cruiser2 has fantastic features for compatible phones.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.


The Jabra Cruiser2 Bluetooth car kit is another testament to what drivers have been missing when solely relying upon mobile phone use without any in-car assistance. When paired with this Bluetooth kit, drivers can keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, creating a safer driving environment for drivers and passengers.

On the left-hand side of the main Jabra Cruiser2 webpage, you can select your phone's brand and model from a comprehensive drop-down list. Once your brand and model have been selected, a little smiley face (or frowny face, depending on the results) will appear with "Yes – it will work" written underneath. Although this is a great tool, before purchasing any Bluetooth kit, we still recommend referencing your cell phone's user manual and comparing it to the Jabra Cruiser2's complete user manual.

Before using your Bluetooth car kit, there are three steps you must complete. First, charge the battery with the provided car charger for two hours. Second, activate the Jabra Cruiser2 on your mobile phone. Every phone is different for this activation process, so consult with your user manual. Third, your mobile phone and Bluetooth kit must be paired. For many phones, the pairing process occurs automatically. But again, for those phones that do not support this automatic function, consult with your user manual to determine the best possible pairing route.

This initial setup process is quite simple. From here, getting all of the Cruiser2's advertised features to work with total ease is dependent upon your phone's compatibility with the Bluetooth car kit.

Having the ability to pair multiple devices and use two of those devices simultaneously with the Bluetooth car kit is a beautiful thing, and it's convenient for carpoolers, commuters, friends or families.

Although totally contingent upon your mobile phone, we do love the option to have "voice guidance." This feature allows drivers to keep their hands on the wheel more often by announcing an incoming caller's names (if it's programmed in your phonebook) and the battery status of your device. In the initial setup process, the voice prompts will even guide you through the pairing and phonebook download processes.

Another favorite feature is the ability to connect the Bluetooth kit to the FM transmitter to stream music and phone calls through the car's speakers. Again, the function of this feature will depend on the capabilities of your phone. When a placing or receiving a phone call, the radio is muted when the call is answered, and it resumes when the call concludes. Streaming music will be paused and then continue where it left off once.

Unlike some of its competitors who have this same feature, this Bluetooth car kit chooses odd radio frequencies, which provide better quality than even frequencies.

Having the ability to listen to phone calls over the car's speakers provides excellent sound quality. The Jabra Cruiser2 also has "Noise Blackout" technology that eliminates background noise and ensures that conversations are heard perfectly on both ends.

The Jabra Cruiser2 may have larger dimensions than other Bluetooth kits, but it definitely has an attractively sleek look that will appeal to many consumers. Because of it size, however, out-of-car use is limited.

The face of the Bluetooth car kit is taken up primarily with the very large speaker, with a little spare room at the top of the device for the volume up and volume down buttons, as well as the answer and end button. The icons that indicate FM transmitter, phone connection, call and battery status all are conveniently located together. On the side of the Cruiser2 is the charging port, FM button and on and off button.

The back of the device is a plain gray with a thick black metal visor clip. Not only does this clip secure the device on the driver's sun visor, it also acts as the FM antenna, and the FM transmitter will not work if the clip is removed.

Jabra.com is one of the best product websites we have seen. On the Jabra Cruiser2's main page, there are four tabs dedicated to providing consumers with as much information regarding this Bluetooth car kit as possible. The features tab lists available features (contingent on your phone's capabilities, of course). The FAQs tab displays questions that customers have frequently asked in the past, and each is coupled with an excellent response by Jabra. The support tab is spectacular as it leads to the user manual, datasheet, technical specifications and firmware updates. Although the Cruiser2's user manual describes, in depth, how to pair your phone with the device, the fourth tab takes customers to a an interactive quick start guide where charging, pairing and additional speakerphone information is played like a movie to reduce consumer confusion and make this product simple to use.

Beyond web and user manual help, customers who have additional questions or concerns can reach Jabra technical support by phone and email.


The Jabra Cruiser2 Bluetooth car kit provides customers with some of the best help and support options around, as well as instant information on phone compatibility. The Cruiser2's feature list has some fantastic features, but many are contingent upon the user's mobile phone. However, we would recommend this Bluetooth kit to all drivers because of its excellent help and support features, sleek design and ease of use.