The Jabra Freeway may be the biggest visor-style Bluetooth car kit on the market, but the built-in speakers are the real deal. Not only were they the loudest speakers in our tests, but the Freeway’s call quality was also the clear winner on both ends of the line. It features a dedicated mute button and clearly marked controls. It even has an excellent FM transmitter feature that allows you to listen to music from your smartphone over your car’s audio system. If hands-free calling is your main priority, then the Freeway is your best choice.

We took the Jabra Freeway on a drive to test the call quality on both ends of the conversation. Not only is it important that you hear the caller’s voice clearly, but the caller also needs to be able to hear you. We tested the kit while in park, driving through the city and driving on the highway – each of these environments has a different level of ambient noise because of speed and road conditions. In each environment, the Freeway received the highest quality marks on both ends of the call.

The Freeway attaches to your car’s sun visor, which puts the speakers close to your head. While it may seem like you’d be able to hear your caller’s voice better through your car speakers, which have a much higher output than any Bluetooth car kit, the opposite is actually the case. With the caller’s voice isolated to small speakers near your head, it comes through much clearer. For much the same reason, the microphone picks your voice up much better than kits that are installed on the dash.

One of the Jabra Freeway’s defining characteristics is its three 7-watt speakers. Most visor-style Bluetooth speakerphones only have one speaker, which can be easily drowned out on the freeway. Only a few kits even have two speakers. With three, the Freeway cuts through the noisiest highways and cityscapes, ensuring you can hear your caller.

For noise reduction and echo cancelation, the Jabra uses its Noise Blackout system, one of the most effective noise reduction systems available. It combines two microphones and an internal digital signal processor. The two microphones are positioned to isolate the frequencies of your voice from those that comprise the background noises – the sound of the road, the air conditioning, the chatter of your kids in the back seat and surrounding traffic. It's very good at making sure the caller only hears your voice.

The device is comprehensive, with all the Bluetooth profiles you need for true hands-free control. The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile allows you to stream any audio from your phone, including GPS directions. In addition, the Hands-Free Profile lets you use voice commands to perform functions such as answer, reject and end calls. You can voice dial contacts in your phone and hear vocalized caller ID information thanks to the Phone Book Access Profile. Also, the Audio/Video Remote Control Profile allows you to control your phone's playlist.

One of the Freeway’s minor downsides is its size. It’s the largest visor-style Bluetooth kit on the market. It covers a significant portion of the visor with a strong clip that isn’t easy to remove. It is impossible to clip it to the visor without covering part of the mirror, which is only an issue if you use your mirror often.

With three 7-watt speakers, the Jabra Freeway is one of the loudest visor-style Bluetooth car kits. Combined with its patented Noise Blackout system, its call quality proved to be the best in our review. In addition, its comprehensive hands-free features allow you to keep your focus on the road, making the Freeway one of the best Bluetooth car kits available.

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