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Jabra Tour Review

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The Jabra Tour is one of the simplest and most intuitive Bluetooth car kits. It features a single 3-watt speaker, one HD Voice microphone and only three buttons – two for volume control and one to activate voice commands. The simplicity of the design means that you spend more time driving safely with your eyes on the road than searching for the right buttons. In our tests, it had the second-best overall call quality.

We took the Bluetooth car kits we reviewed on the road to test their call quality on city streets and the freeway. While the Jabra Freeway proved to be the favorite for call quality, the Jabra Tour was the clear second. The Tour is basically a more affordable version of the Freeway.

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The Jabra Tour has one built-in speaker with a 3-watt output. This may not seem like much, especially compared to your car speakers, but when the kit is clipped to your sun visor, it’s plenty loud enough for most situations. We did find that we had to turn it up to full volume when we were on the freeway.

The Tour has an HD Voice microphone, which has a broader frequency range than standard microphones. This means the caller hears you more clearly because they hear more of your voice’s natural frequency range. Standard microphones typically only capture frequencies between 150Hz and 3.4kHz, which is why your telephone voice sounds thin and modulated. HD Voice sounds more natural.

One of the Jabra Tour’s downsides is it doesn’t have an echo-cancelation system. This isn’t nearly as important for the Tour as it is for Bluetooth car kits that use your car speakers, but it can still be an issue. Without it, the microphone can pick up the caller's voice, causing a feedback loop that echoes through your call. In our tests, the receiver reported hearing background noises – the sound of the freeway, for example. That said, we only encountered echoing a few times, and it was minor.

This affordable Bluetooth car kit’s Voice Guidance system is one of its best features. It not only allows you to use voice commands to answer and end calls, but also has an internal voice that guides you through its functions. For example, when you receive a call, this in-car speakerphone announces the caller’s name if he or she is in your phonebook. With the voice guidance system, you don’t have to fumble through buttons and can instead dictate texts or read text messages and communicate with Siri and other personal assistant apps hands-free.

The Jabra Tour has a simple yet intuitive design with one microphone and one speaker. While it isn’t as good as Jabra’s more expensive Bluetooth car kit, it’s affordable and provides excellent call quality while you’re on the road.

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