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Motorola TX500 Review

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PROS / The Motorola TX500 is a straightforward and simple-to-use speakerphone that offers lengthy talk time and helpful voice prompts.

CONS / This Bluetooth car kit is not an entirely hands-free product. There are times when you must take one hand off the steering wheel to quickly tap a button.

 VERDICT / This speakerphone's basic functions work well and are easy to use. You can receive calls from two phones, enjoy clear conversations and see the status of your smartphone through its indicator light.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Motorola TX500

The minimalist black Motorola TX500 is well worth investigating since it is offers enough functions to suit most people's needs and is quite easy to use, even though it is not packed with scores of bells and whistles. It is compatible with both smartphones and non-smartphones, and it will tell you audibly such essential things as what your battery level is or if the mute function is currently working.

One of the outstanding features is the device's remarkably extensive talk time that can be as long as 45 hours with up to six months of stand-by time. 

Speakerphone Performance

This in-car speakerphone is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled communication devices. You can connect up to six devices. You also can receive calls from two phones simultaneously. It is easy to set up and pair with your phone and other devices because all you have to do is follow the voice prompts and the speakerphone does all the rest.

Hands-Free Performance

This Bluetooth car kit is not designed for the more advanced hands-free voice dialing or answering options, so you will have to use one hand from time to time. To call someone, just press the call button and do what the voice prompts tell you. To answer a call, press the call button and start listening and talking. You can choose to reject a call by pushing either the volume up or volume down button until you hear a tone. In addition, you can put one call on hold while answering a second call.

It's true that one hand will be off the steering wheel for a moment to touch these buttons, but they are located in convenient positions where giving them a quick tap is not likely to interfere much with your concentration or driving ability.

Battery Performance

Although this speakerphone might not be chock full of high-tech extras, it offers enough worthwhile functions that it may turn out to be just exactly what you need.

One of the most noteworthy strengths of the Motorola TX500 is its lengthy talk time and standby time. With this Bluetooth car kit, you can talk for up to 45 hours and the standby time is up to six months – both exceptionally long times that exceed any other products we have seen.

The device's microphone offers echo and noise reduction so your calls will be clear and easy to comprehend. You turn it on and off manually with a button located on the right side of the device. You can turn voice prompts on or off by pushing and holding either the volume button or the call button until you hear that the instructions are on or off.

You also get a status light indicator (which is part of the call button) that shows 12 different colors and flashing or pulsing patterns. These tell you what's going on with your Motorola TX500. For example, three blue flashes show that it is powering on, while a slow red pulse indicates the battery is low.

Help & Support

The Motorola TX500 Bluetooth kit is small and unassuming, and it has an attractively simple design. The all-black compact device attaches to your car visor with two metal clips. There are four buttons on a panel that faces you while you are driving: mute, volume up, volume down and call. There also is an on/off switch on the right side.

This tidy little device measures 4.45 inches high, 2.36 inches wide and 0.59 inches deep. It weighs 3.10 ounces. Black may not be everyone's preferred color, but even in a car with a light-colored interior, this tidy little speakerphone will look smart.


The Motorola TX500 Bluetooth car kit is not completely hands-free since you do need to tap buttons on occasion. However, you can do this in a second or two and still maintain a safe driving situation behind the wheel. This small speakerphone offers excellent sound quality, compatibility and ease of use, which makes it a sensible choice.

Motorola TX500