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Motorola Sliver II Review

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PROS / It comes with a portable charger that extends the talk time by up to nine hours.

CONS / It only scored 70 percent in our noise reduction test.

 VERDICT / The Motorola Sliver II provides a comfortable fit with good voice quality, but the noise reduction technology is not very effective.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current Bluetooth Headset Reviews here.

Motorola Sliver II

The Motorola Sliver II features a unique, behind-the-ear fit that lacks the boom microphone found on most Bluetooth headsets. While this provides a more discreet look, especially if you have long or shaggy hair, the call quality simply doesn't match the clarity of the best Bluetooth headsets, on either side of the call.

In our voice quality tests, the Sliver II scored a respectable 90 percent. There are Bluetooth headsets with higher voice quality available, but it's still very good. In the tests, we had the caller read random poetry as we wrote down what we heard. For comparison, the phone's speaker scored 65 percent on the same test. So it's a significant improvement over using your phone the usual way – holding it to your ear.

The biggest downside to the Sliver II is the ineffective noise cancellation technology. In our tests, we played various background noises through a surround-sound system as we talked to our caller. The Sliver performed better than only one other Bluetooth earpiece. Your caller will be able to hear the background noises around you, which can lead to miscommunications.

The stable and balanced fit is one of the best features of the Sliver II. The behind-the-ear style scored 100 percent in our stability tests, which means it didn't fall off or need adjusting in any of the tasks. It also lacks a boom microphone. Most of the headset is hidden behind your ear, making it one of the more discreet Bluetooth headsets we reviewed. You get four earbud sizes, which is more than you get with most hands-free Bluetooth headsets. This gives you an excellent chance of finding a good fit for your ears.

Another downside is the overall lack of hands-free features. While you can stream audio and control a playlist from the headset on any of your mobile devices, the headset doesn't have voice command integration, which is a feature that you'll find in the best Bluetooth headsets. It also lacks the ability to provide voice-to-text and text-to-voice. If you receive a text message while driving, the headset can't read it to you.

The talk time for the Sliver II is five hours, which is slightly below average. Motorola doesn't provide specifications for the charging time. In our test, it took just over two hours to go from a dead charge to a full charge, which is longer than most. However, it comes with a portable charging case that adds up to nine hours of talk time. Whenever you're not on a call, you simply store the Sliver in the case and it automatically charges the headset.


The Motorola Sliver II offers good voice quality with a superior fit, but the noise reduction is well below average, which may lead to you repeating yourself often. It lacks many of the hands-free features you'll find with the best Bluetooth headsets. However, it has one of the most comfortable, discreet and stable fits available.

Motorola Sliver II