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Plantronics Voyager Legend Review

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PROS / The portable charging case triples the talk time.

CONS / At 0.63 ounces, it's the heaviest Bluetooth headset in our review.

 VERDICT / The Plantronics Voyager Legend is the best Bluetooth headset because it combines the best call performance with all-day comfort and comprehensive hands-free features.

With exceptional voice quality and noise cancellation, the Plantronics Voyager Legend offers one of the clearest calls you can get with a Bluetooth headset. It's the heaviest headset that we've reviewed, but the behind-the-ear design offers great security and all-day comfort. The comprehensive hands-free features give you control over your phone with your voice. And when combined with the charging case, it has the longest battery life available. For these reasons, the Voyager Legend has earned the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for best Bluetooth headset.

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  1. The score of the voice quality test.
    % (Higher is Better)
  2. 1 Plantronics Voyager Legend
  3. 95%
  4. 100%
  5. Category Average

Call Performance

The Plantronics Voyager Legend earned a perfect score in our voice quality tests. We evaluated the quality of the caller's voice through the audio driver by playing a short version of the telephone game – the caller recited poetry as we wrote down what we heard and then compared the results. The voice quality was exceptionally clear throughout the test and didn't earn an error at any point. Much of the audio quality can be attributed to the large 15.4 mm audio driver, which has a frequency response that fully covers the range of human hearing, 20Hz to 20kHz. Most Bluetooth earpieces only feature a 10 mm driver with a much narrower frequency response.

The Legend scored an impressive 95 percent in our noise reduction tests, which evaluated the audio quality on the caller's side as we spoke with common background noises played through a surround-sound system. In every instance, the three-microphone system, which uses an internal 21-band equalizer to remove background noises, suppressed almost all of the noise without distorting our voice. The only sounds that it struggled to filter out were loud, high-pitched noises like car horns.

Comfort Features

The Voyager Legend's design makes it heavier than other Bluetooth headsets, with most of the weight placed in an over-ear hook that resembles a hearing aid. However, you shouldn't mistake the weight as being bulky and unbalanced. In our stability tests, we tried to shake it loose from a bunch of common tasks and it scored 100 percent. It didn't even need an adjustment. Since most of this weight is on the backside of your ear, you don't have to constantly adjust it or worry about it falling off. It has one of the best fits for a Bluetooth headset.

The only downside to the comfort features is the lack of earbud options. It comes with three earbuds – small, medium and large. While this provides some options, older versions of this Bluetooth headset included six earbud sizes. Now you have to purchase additional sizes separately.

The surface of each component has P2i nano-coating, which is a military-grade, water-resistant coating that protects the headset from moisture like sweat and rain. You can take this headset out in the rain or on a jog without worrying about the moisture damaging it.

Hands-Free Performance

The Voyager Legend still uses Bluetooth 3.0, which lacks the low energy efficiency of Bluetooth 4.0. Otherwise, there isn't a difference in the hands-free performance. It still has all the necessary Bluetooth profiles that you need for comprehensive hands-free use of your phone. With the Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP), it can access your contacts list for voice dialing and caller ID purposes. With the Hands-Free Profile (HFP), you can use voice commands to control your phone without ever touching it. It also integrates with your smartphone's personal assistant, Siri or Google Now.

You can use your smartphone's personal assistant to dictate text messages. You can also use the Vocalyst mobile app, which also gives you the ability to compose text messages, emails, status updates, reminders and text documents with your voice. You simply talk and it converts what you say to text for a totally hands-free mobile experience. The app can also read aloud your incoming texts, emails, Twitter feed, status updates and favorite news articles. Combining the Vocalyst app with voice commands means the only time you'll need to touch your phone is when you plug it into a charger.

Battery Performance

The Plantronics Voyager Legend has a talk time of seven hours, which is among the best in our review. The standby time is 11 days, which is above average. The recharge time is 1.5 hours, which is short for the hours of talk time it provides.

For protection and on-the-go charging, the Voyager Legend also has a charging case. This case acts as both easy and secure storage and a mobile charging unit. A battery in the case holds an additional 14 hours of talk time for your device, giving it a total of 21 hours. This is great if you spend your day on the move. When your headset battery starts to run low, you don't have to hunt for an outlet where you'll have to camp out until it charges. Instead, you just place it in the case and it charges as you go.

Help & Support

Plantronics' product support is extensive. The headset comes with a one-year warranty. The support page includes helpful downloads, an online community of other users, a glossary of terms, PDFs of user manuals and a FAQs page. If you can't find the answer to your question or issue, you can talk directly to customer support, send an email or chat with the live chat support. The customer support team promises to respond to your emails by the next business day, but each time we sent them messages, we received a response within a few hours.


The Plantronics Voyager Legend is the best Bluetooth headset because it combines high-quality audio and noise cancellation with the most comprehensive hands-free control. With moisture protection and a secure over-ear fit, it also provides the most comfortable design of any headset we reviewed. The battery has a good talk time of seven hours, but the charging case gives it an elite talk time of 21 hours.

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