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Samsung HM6000 Review

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PROS / Wideband audio offers clear HD voice for telephone calls and streaming music.

CONS / The noise cancellation doesn't work very well. There's no caller ID.

 VERDICT / There is nothing remarkable about the Samsung HM6000 Bluetooth headset. The audio performs well when listening to your caller or streaming music, but the noise cancellation is subpar.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Samsung HM6000

Samsung is the largest manufacturer of electronics in the world and one of the leading innovators in mobile technology. With Bluetooth headsets being an important mobile accessory for many people, this type of corporate ethos can be very persuasive on the name alone. However, there is nothing remarkable about the Samsung HM6000 or any of the Samsung Bluetooth headsets – HM3300, HM1900, HM1700, HM1100.

Samsung's best Bluetooth headset is the HM6000. It comes with a wideband audio driver that provides clear voice from your caller. You'll hear this audio quality best while streaming audio. You can clearly stream audio books, podcasts and GPS directions. You can also stream music but you'll only receive one mono channel from the stereo track. Streaming audio also works when you watch videos on your phone, allowing you to watch movies or other videos from your phone without disrupting others.

The major disappointment to the sound quality is the noise cancellation system. The Samsung HM6000 uses standard dual-microphone noise cancellation technology. Ideally, this technology works by using one microphone to focus your voice while the other records background noises. Then, an internal digital processor filters the frequencies from the background noises caught on the second microphone from the audio caught on the first microphone so that only your voice reaches your caller.

Unfortunately, the Samsung HM6000 fails to cancel out even minor noises. If you use this in even a relatively quiet area like a coffee shop, don't be surprised when your caller complains about the sound of the cappuccino machine or if your caller can hear the barista calling out orders – Samsung Bluetooth headsets aren't going to give your caller crystal clear voice unless you take your call in a quiet area.

The HM6000 features basic voice control that allows you to answer, ignore and end calls with your voice. However, it lacks the PBAP Bluetooth profile, which allows your headset to announce a caller's name from your contact list. This lack of Caller ID means that you'll have to view your phone when you receive an incoming call to see if you want to answer or ignore the call. In addition, it also lacks a text reader and a voice-to-text app. Without these features, this headset is only hands-free when it comes to taking phone calls.

In addition to basic voice controls, the Samsung HM6000 features voice prompts that walk you through pairing and other functions. The voice prompt feature makes this a very easy headset to use. You don't have to consult a user's manual to figure out how to use the HM6000. You simply have to take it out of the box, flip the "On" switch and put the headset on your ear – the voice prompts will walk you through the rest.

At 0.32 ounces, you should be able to wear this Bluetooth headset securely without the over-ear hook. Unfortunately, the three earbuds don't feature a stabilizer extension. Without the over-ear hook, there's little holding the headset in your ear. However, you can wear this Samsung Bluetooth headset on either ear, allowing you to relieve any ear fatigue or soreness you experience.


With a high-definition wideband audio speaker, the Samsung HM6000 promises to provide clear call quality and excellent streaming audio. However, your callers are not going to be fond of all the extraneous background noises that manage to sneak through the dual-mic noise cancellation system. Overall, Samsung makes solid and functional Bluetooth headsets for the economical hands-free consumer.

Samsung HM6000