Pros / It charges extremely quickly compared to other devices.

Cons / It doesn’t have a caller ID function.

 Verdict / The Toorun M26 is a nice-looking but basic Bluetooth headset. Though it only has average call performance and comfort, it’s a solid choice for its low price.

It's difficult to make a Bluetooth headset that looks sleek and inconspicuous, but Toorun managed to pull it off with its M26 headset. The device’s angular design follows the natural contours of the face. Like other headsets, this one is made of plastic, and it weighs just 0.28 ounces. Although we liked its look, we weren’t too impressed with its call performance, fit or comfort. But at such a low price, it provides good value for the money.

Toorun includes additional gel earbuds to help you find the perfect fit. As is the case with premium Bluetooth headsets, these earbuds both have a concha fin, an extension that fits into the hollow part of your ear to create a more secure fit. When switching the larger earbuds for the smaller ones, we realized they aren’t as easy to slide on as with other Bluetooth earpieces.

During our tests, we found that the headset has just average sound quality. It earned B’s across the board. Both incoming and outgoing phone calls were clear, but sound quality was low. It did slightly better in our tests for voice isolation, and it has the ability to boost voice and audio volumes up to 50 decibels, which is helpful when you’re in noisy areas.

Battery life on the M26 is comparable to the best Bluetooth headsets we reviewed, like the Plantronics Voyager Legend. The manufacturer advertises seven-hour battery life, which is precisely what it lasted for in our tests. What’s really nice about the M26 is that it only takes an hour to gain a full charge, and if you don’t regularly use your headset, there’s no need to worry as it has a standby time of 12 days.

The headset is very easy to use. It connects quickly and easily, and the buttons are intuitive and well-placed. It works seamlessly with apps like Spotify and smartphone assistants like Siri, and it takes calls with a loud in-ear ring.

The M26 ships with an 18-month warranty from the manufacturer. Given that the industry standard for warranties is just one year, this is a nice bonus. You can easily contact the manufacturer via email if you have a question or concern with the device.

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The Toorun M26 headset has a decent design, but it had some hiccups when testing it and didn’t shine in any particular area. The audio quality and battery life are fair. However, its compatibility with smartphone assistants and lengthy warranty make it a good enough choice for anyone on a tight budget.

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