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The Best iPhone Screen Protectors of 2017

Protect Your iPhone Screen from Disaster

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The Best iPhone Screen Protectors of 2017
Our Ranking iPhone Screen Protector Price
1 Sir Lancelot's Armor $31.99
2 ZAGG $14.99
3 ScreenGuardz $39.95
4 Tech Armor Ultra Clear Ballistic Glass $15.95
5 Good Gadget $15.00
6 Clarivue $24.99
7 Spigen $7.99
8 3M $7.99
9 MediaDevil $9.97
10 SkinIt $14.99
11 NuShield $14.99
12 Halo $5.95
13 DecalSkin $2.99
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iPhone Screen Protector Review

Why Buy an iPhone Screen Protector?

An iPhone is a substantial investment. It's a fashion statement. It's an entertainer. It's also not incredibly durable. One slip and the screen can crack. A few minutes in your pocket with your keys, and it can have scratches. However, even if you manage to avoid these kinds of woes, you'll still have the continual parade of fingerprints and the greasy smudge from resting the phone against your cheek.

It's time to shed these irritations and instead don an iPhone screen protector. While it may seem like some screen protectors are nothing more than a flimsy piece of specially crafted marketing, the iPhone screen protectors we reviewed are amazing little devices that can preserve your screen from a variety of calamities. Among these, we found that Sir Lancelot's Armor Holy Grail, ZAGG invisibleSHIELD and ScreenGuardz Pure are the best iPhone screen protectors. We've also compiled additional information and articles about iPhone screen protectors.

IPhone Screen Protectors: What to Look For

The best iPhone 6 screen protector doesn't feel tacky or slick. It doesn't alter the screen display. When you put it on your iPhone, it applies easily, doesn't trap air bubbles and leaves no residue behind if you remove it. Most of the manufacturers of these products provide a replacement guarantee in case the item arrives damaged. The best ones also have a lifetime replacement warranty.

Durability and Protection
The best iPhone screen protectors are made from durable material that will protect your screen from more than just day-to-day bumps and scratches. Whether the screen protector is thick or thin, it should be hard and scratchproof. It should also resist fingerprints and germs.

The design of the iPhone screen protector is almost as important as its durability. If it peels up, collects dirt around the edges, gets in the way of your iPhone case or interferes with how your finger interacts with the screen, it probably won't last long on your phone. The best screen protectors for iPhone 6, 5 and 4 models are smooth under your finger, responds to your touch and doesn't leave you feeling like your finger is floating above the screen – regardless of how thick it is. It also comes with a cleaning cloth to help you get all the fingerprints, oil and dust off your screen before you apply the iPhone screen protector.

Additionally, you shouldn't have to be an accomplished brain surgeon to apply a screen protector properly. The best protectors go on easily without trapping air bubbles or requiring constant repositioning. If you do need to adjust your protector, it should move easily so that you don't have to throw it away if you don't get it right the first time. If you want to remove the protector altogether, it shouldn't leave sticky adhesive residue on your screen.

Warranty and Support
The good companies in this industry back their products with generous return policies and money-back guarantees. The best ones provide lifetime replacement warranties and brick-and-mortar (or cart-and-mall) repair stations.

Model Options
Whether you need an iPhone 6 screen protector or something older, the company should provide an option for the model you have. Keep in mind that all iPhone 4 models are the same screen size; same with all versions of the iPhone 5.

When you're protecting your brand-new iPhone 6 from scratches, nicks, dings and finger smears, a good screen protector goes a long way. Take a look at our reviews and see which one fits your needs.