Pros / This smooth, clear screen protector looks great on your iPhone. Additionally, it's easy to apply as long as you take your time to make sure you don't trap bubbles under the surface.

Cons / It's easy to scratch and even penetrate this iPhone screen protector using keys or scissors.

 Verdict / While this iPhone screen protector will keep your phone safe from some scratches, the material isn't very durable. Also, the adhesive may not last as long as some other products we reviewed.

3M is a well-known company that produces excellent products. The 3M Natural View Screen Protector is no exception. The smooth finish and clear material make it a great finish to your classy iPhone. It's relatively easy to apply and doesn't leave residue behind. Although it performs well and looks great, we noticed in the light that the iPhone 5 screen protector has a little grid across it. Additionally, the material isn't as durable as other products we reviewed.

This iPhone screen protector is scratch and fingerprint resistant, but that doesn't mean the screen protector is indestructible or that you won't notice any oily marks on your phone. When we pressed keys against the 3M screen protector with moderate force, it marred the surface. When we ran scissors across the 3M Natural View surface, it left notable scratches. Other products we reviewed were able to withstand these tests without leaving any marks. Although 3M didn't disclose how hard the surface of its iPhone screen protector is, we can safely assess that it's not near the hardness level of other products we tested.

It is relatively easy to apply this iPhone 5 screen protector to the phone. It uses a dry method to apply the PET film. As long as you are slow and careful about smoothing down air bubbles as you go, you'll have a smooth finish. The adhesive isn't very tacky, but it will still hold in position.

For maximum longevity, it's important that your iPhone 5 screen protector matches the screen surface precisely. Unfortunately, 3M is slightly off consistently, making it easy for the protector to curl up around the edges and peel off over time.

Fortunately, 3M offers a lifetime warranty for its iPhone screen protectors, making them a wise investment if you're especially hard on your iPhone. The company doesn't have a FAQs section on its website. However, 3M will answer questions via email or telephone.

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  1. This percentage measures how well this product withstands average bumps and scratches.
    The closer to 100 the better.
  2. 8  3M
    85.0 Percentage
  3. 100.0 Percentage
  4. 2  ZAGG
    100.0 Percentage
  5. 70.0 Percentage
  6. Category Average
    85.42 Percentage


The 3M iPhone screen protector is effective at protecting your screen from minor scratches. However, compared to newer types of screen protectors, the material that the 3M Natural View Screen Protector is made of is soft and doesn't effectively protect the iPhone screen from drops or more abrasive surfaces.

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