Pros / The NuShield DayVue screen protector performs well in sunny conditions.

Cons / These screen protectors can't withstand even fingernail scratches or keys rubbing against them without marring.

 Verdict / This iPhone screen protector scratches rather easily, so it may not be as effective at protecting your phone as other products.

NuShield has two types of iPhone screen protectors, both of which do little more than protect the iPhone screen from very minor scratches. These PET film protectors give your screen a plastic feel. The Triple A screen protector is also milky with a distinct texture in it. The adhesive isn't very strong, but it will work well for a while.

On the pencil hardness scale, NuShield's screen protectors scored 3H, where 9H is the hardest material and 9B is the softest. Compared to some of the other screen protectors we reviewed, this is not hard at all. In fact, this iPhone screen protector couldn't even pass some of the basic tests we performed. For instance, our pocketknife sliced through both the NuShield DayVue and Triple A screen protectors when we used gentle pressure on them. Our fingernails left marks on the screen protectors, and so did keys.

These iPhone screen protectors are made out of PET film instead of tempered glass. The good thing about this is that they won't crack if you drop your phone. However, if you drop your phone, it's likely that the iPhone screen itself will crack instead. Since these NuShield protectors are made of PET film, you'll notice the screen protector under your finger as you use it.

The Triple A screen protector is made to tackle three problems that screens typically have: glare, germs and fingerprint smudges. This screen protector is antiglare, antimicrobial and anti-fingerprint; hence its name, Triple A. To cut down of glare, it has a matte finish. When you hold the iPhone screen protector up to a light before you apply it to the phone, you can see a distinct texture in it, which gives it a milky appearance. In a bright area, the screen looks dark and is harder to see than when the phone isn't covered with a screen protector. In a darker room, the screen appears to have little rainbow pixels across it.

The NuShield DayVue iPhone screen protector is glossy and transparent. It has a smoother feel to it than the Triple A, but it still doesn't compare to the tempered-glass screen protectors we reviewed. This product does well in bright conditions.

NuShield provides its contact information prominently, unlike some of the other companies we reviewed. You can email or call the company or check out the user forum on the website. If you need to return the product, NuShield gives you 60 days, which is much longer than most other companies give you. NuShield also has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

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A NuShield screen protector will stick to your phone for a while, but it may not stay in place for a long time. Additionally, the material is not very hard. Keys, fingernails and other sturdy objects scratched and penetrated the material easily during our tests. This iPhone 5 screen protector may not be as effective as others.

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