Pros / This silky-smooth iPhone 6 screen protector is made of tempered glass that has a hardness level of 9H, which makes it one of the hardest screen protectors available. Additionally, it's 0.4mm thick. The adhesive is only under the color portion of the protector, so it won't leave any bubbles on your screen.

Cons / The Home button feels sunken in because the iPhone screen protector is a little thick.

 Verdict / You'll be impressed with how nice this screen protector feels under your fingers. Although this screen protector can still be scratched, it will do an excellent job at protecting the iPhone screen underneath.

Sir Lancelot's Armor Holy Grail is made of 9H bulletproof glass that's 0.4mm thick. It is scratch resistant but will still scratch – or even shatter – if you drop it. However, it does a good job of protecting your iPhone screen so that it doesn't become scratched or shattered. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee so that if something happens to your iPhone screen protector – whether it is scratched, shatters or has other problems – you receive your money back. There's also a lifetime guarantee on manufacturer defects. The great feel of the screen protector, and its durability and design, make it our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner.

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  • Durability
  • Thickness
  • Pencil Hardness Test Results
  • Ease of Application
  • Design Score
  • Money-back Guarantee
  1. This percentage measures how well this product withstands average bumps and scratches.
    The closer to 100 the better.
  2. 1  Sir Lancelot's Armor
    100.0 Percentage
  3. 2  ZAGG
    100.0 Percentage
  4. 70.0 Percentage
  5. Category Average
    82.69 Percentage

Durability & Protection

This is the best iPhone screen protector because it is hard and thick. On the pencil-hardness scale, it is 9H, which means it's the hardest material on the scale. Don't confuse this with being indestructible, though. This ultra-thin bulletproof glass is scratch resistant. However, it's not scratch proof. If you take a knife to it or accidentally send it skidding across the concrete, it'll scratch or even shatter. So it scratches. The point is that it protects your screen from scratching. It also makes it less likely that your screen will shatter if you drop the phone.

Sir Lancelot's Armor Holy Grail is 0.4mm thick. Once you place this iPhone 6 screen protector on your iPhone, it blends into the phone's design. It increases the thickness of the phone a little, but not by much. The one design element you may notice is how recessed the Home button is. If you didn't know the iPhone 6 screen protector was on the phone, you'd probably think the Home button was broken. This deep button is a little bit of a bother. Still, the overall look of the phone with the screen protector on is classy.

When the Holy Grail iPhone 6 screen protector is on an iPhone, it can purportedly withstand hammer blows without cracking. We weren't brave enough to try it out on our iPhone, but we did place the Holy Grail screen protector on a flat surface, and it withstood moderate-strength hammer strikes without breaking. When we ran a pocketknife blade over the surface with a little pressure, it scratched the glass. It also scratched when we rubbed it on a brick. However, other iPhone screen protectors reacted the same way.

The iPhone screen protector has a special coating on it called an oleophobic treatment. This nano-scale coat makes the surface repel oil, which in turn helps your screen have fewer fingerprint marks. You'll still notice a little bit of greasiness, but not much.


This iPhone 6 screen protector has a silicon-based adhesive that grips the screen without leaving residue behind. The adhesive is only around the edges, underneath the colored portions of the screen protector. This ensures that you won't have a bubbled screen. You can reapply the Holy Grail if you need to, but it's unlikely that you will. The adhesive may not be as strong if you detach the iPhone screen protector and then place it on the phone again. Also, we tested the Holy Grail on an iPhone for about a week. It stayed firmly connected to the phone the whole time. This product has such an effective adhesive that we actually had trouble taking it off the phone once we were done testing it. It's a good thing our boss likes the screen protector because it may be there to stay.

The best iPhone screen protector has the same smooth feel as the phone screen. Indeed, the Holy Grail feels equally silky under your finger. Since it's made of glass, it doesn't feel tacky or rubbery. You may even think it's a nicer surface than the screen itself.

The glass is precut to fit right along the edge of the glass screen. The color portion of the screen protector lines up with the color portion on the iPhone 6. This is important because it means that the screen protector won't obstruct your view of the phone screen. It also doesn't show the color frame of the screen around the edges of the color portion of the screen protector. In this way, it helps the screen protector blend into the design of the phone because it looks like the design underneath it.

Warranty & Support

The lifetime warranty on this product is only for manufacturer defects. If the iPhone screen protector gets scratched, damaged or torn within the first 30 days, Sir Lancelot's Armor will replace it. From the time you send in the warranty claim form, you have 45 days to return a defective iPhone screen protector.

Sir Lancelot's Armor posts its telephone number and email options on its website. It also has an Installation guide on its website. The Sir Lancelot's Armor Blog is basically a marketing location where the company has posted information about new products.

Model Options

In addition to the Holy Grail screen protector, Sir Lancelot's Armor has a screen protector made of PET film if you don't want one made from tempered glass. The PET film protector comes precut for the new iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, it also fits older iPhone models as well. This type of screen protector only has a hardness level of about 4H, which means it scratches easier than the Holy Grail. These PET iPhone screen protectors come with a lifetime warranty.


Sir Lancelot's Armor Holy Grail is a tempered-glass screen protector that will protect your phone screen from scratches and shattering. However, this doesn't mean that the screen protector itself is immune from scratching or breaking, but it is made of hard, thick glass so it's less likely to scratch than PET film screen protectors are. The Holy Grail only has adhesive under the colored portion, which means that you won't have to worry about bubbles in between it and the surface of your phone. It also connects firmly without leaving a residue behind. The best part is that this classy iPhone 6 screen protector won't get in the way – it has a smooth finish and looks like it's part of the phone.

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