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The Best Smartphone External Storage of 2016

Add Space to Your Phone

The Best Smartphone External Storage of 2016

Our Ranking Smartphone External Storage
1 HyperDrive
2 My Passport Wireless
3 Patriot
4 SanDisk Connect
5 SanDisk Ultra
6 Sanho
7 Seagate
8 Sony

Why Get Smartphone External Storage?

Most smartphones come with 4GB to 64GB of internal storage, but that space can fill up fast with pictures, videos, games and apps. Adding extra smartphone USB storage to your device expands your capacity to collect data and allows you to back up your important personal files. These small storage devices link with your smartphone and give you the extra room you need to store your digital possessions.

Some of the top devices include the Sanho Hyperdrive, the i-FlashDrive Evo 32GB and the SanDisk Connect 32GB Wireless Flash Drive. These drives work with Apple and Android operating systems and give you alternative options for smartphone storage.

Smartphone External Storage: What to Look For

As you try to find the right smartphone pen drive for you, there are a few important factors to consider. First, it helps if you know how much space you need. Compatibility with your devices is also important. Most of all, you want to make sure your stored information is highly secure.

Overall Capacity
The USB flash drives for smartphones range from 16GB to 1TB, which gives you a large selection to choose from. The amount of external storage you need is entirely dependent on how much content you want to store. Those who download smaller files lean toward the lower end of the spectrum. Those who have many files to download or who have large downloads like HD movies or high-resolution games should consider purchasing more space.

Additional Compatible Devices
Smartphone external storage packs are often compatible with multiple computing devices. In addition to the iPhone, some of these devices allow you to store information from your iPad, Android smartphone, PC, Kindle Fire, Windows and Mac operating systems and other tablets. All of the products specify which systems and devices are compatible, giving you a combination of at least two of the ones listed above.

Some of the drives allow you to set a password to gain access to the information on the drive. If you decide to store personal information like financial documents or legal records on the device, this is a feature that may be important to you.

Adding external storage for your iPhone, Android or other device gives you the option to keep all of those pictures and videos without having to delete your applications to make space. It also lets you keep the information for years to come by plugging it into a compatible device to view what you saved. Look through our selection and find the one that suits your needs.