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PowerBank CVADG-S69 Review

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PROS / The charger has a high-capacity battery.

CONS / The power button can be hard to reach when you’re using the 1-amp USB outlet.

 VERDICT / The PowerBank CVADG-S69 stores enough power to charge larger devices beyond just smartphones.

The PowerBank CVADG-S69 is among the best solar phone chargers with a 10,000-mAh battery. The S69 has interesting geometry with less of the rounded edges of other PowerBank models. The white trim you see around the sides is the frame that holds the components between two metal panels. A large cutout on the front holds the solar panel in place quite well, and the panel itself functions at an above-average 6-percent efficiency.

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The on/off switch sits at the top of the device, along with the battery charge indicator, situated between two USB ports. The S69 is one of the only solar chargers for cell phones we reviewed that has both a 1- and a 2-amp USB port. This setup does create some user challenges since the switch can be difficult to access when a device is plugged in to the 1-amp USB port. The micro-USB power in port also sits near the 2-amp USB port, which prevents you from using both at the same time. This is negligible of course since you cannot charge a smartphone while at the same time charging the solar energy phone charger from USB.

  1. This is how long it will take to charge a battery in daylight hours.
    Lower is Better
  2. 5 PowerBank CVADG-S69
    16 Hours
  3. 5.25 Hours
  4. 6 Hours
  5. 9 Hours
  6. Category Average
    10.47 Hours

The best part of the CVADG-S69 is its 10,000-mAh battery. A LiPo battery that large does take some time to get up to full capacity. You can expect it to take as long as 16 hours for the sun to charge it on a nice day. Unfortunately, that means it'll take most of the daylight hours to get a full charge, but you can also charge the S69 from any USB outlet, which only takes about 9 hours.


The PowerBank CVADG-S69 is a solar phone charger that you can take anywhere. Its extra-large battery pack is sized well, allowing you to go days without recharging; however, we recommend you do not let it drain completely as it takes a while to charge it back to capacity. Overall it is a nice device with functionality that exceeds just smartphone charging. The 2.0 USB port can deliver extra power for some of your larger devices, too.

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