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Sunlinq 1 Review

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PROS / The Sunlinq 1 is the only solar phone charger we’ve reviewed that was made to handle the elements.

CONS / It does not come with a battery.

 VERDICT / The Sunlinq 1 is a good solar charger to include with camping supplies or any home or roadside emergency kit.

The Sunlinq 1 is not your average portable solar phone charger. It is larger than most chargers we reviewed, and it does not have an internal battery. It’s not specifically designed for charging your phone. And there are no charging indicator lights. So what makes this device so special that we included it on the Best Solar Phone Chargers Review?

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The makers of the Sunlinq 1, Global Solar Energy, Inc. are leaders in commercially available, second-generation thin film solar panel technology. The Sunlinq line of Copper Indium Gallium DiSelenide (CIGS) panels are flexible panels that are designed specifically for rugged, outdoor use. It’s works well for charging any small device, including cell phones, MP3 players and GPS devices.

  1. This is how long it will take to charge a battery in daylight hours.
    Lower is Better
  2. 9 Sunlinq 1
  3. 5.25 Hours
  4. 6 Hours
  5. 9 Hours
  6. Category Average
    10.47 Hours

The Sunlinq 1 pushes 400 milliamps through a 5-volts USB outlet, which is the thickest part of the solar charger. This is enough power to completely charge your GPS in about three hours. It can charge most basic feature phones in two hours or the average smartphone in 7.

The waterproof nylon-mesh backing keeps this panel lightweight and foldable for easy storage. Because it doesn’t have a battery like other solar phone chargers, it is a good choice to include with any home or emergency roadside kit. Its durable construction also makes it a great addition to any camping gear. There are even two large eyelets at the top of the panel so you can attach it to a tree, any fixed area or your backpack on those extended high-country outings.

The Sunlinq 1 comes with a one-year limited warranty, although it should last you a lot longer. This portable USB solar charger is made for outdoor use, and will likely last as long as any outdoor product so long as you take care of it. It folds up nicely and its rigid backing should protect it from gaining any unsightly creases or other damage that could affect the performance of the top-notch panel.


The Sunlinq 1 from Global Solar Energy, Inc. is a solid solar phone charger for the anyone needing the capability of charging their phones or other small devices away from civilization. The lightweight, compact design makes it perfect for travel, and since it doesn't have a battery it works well for storing in emergency kits and camping gear.

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