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Apple iPhone 4 Review

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PROS / The retina display provides a stunning picture on this smartphone.

CONS / The battery life will only last one day on a single charge.

 VERDICT / The Apple iPhone 4 is the leading smartphone with its retina display and video calling capabilities.

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Apple iPhone 4

Rarely do smartphones create such an uproar as the Apple’s iPhone 4 did when it entered the smartphones market. The retina display, video calling features, access to thousands of applications and the ease of multitasking were a few of the features that made this phone stand out among the others. Its numerous superlative features, flexibility and ease-of-use have earned the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for the Apple iPhone 4. For a side-by-side comparison and more objective reviews, visit our smartphones page.


The display on Apple’s iPhone 4 is easily the sharpest and most clear display we have seen on the smartphones. The iPhone 4 features 960 x 640 pixel resolution, which holds no comparison to the 480 x 320 resolution that is found on its predecessor, the Apple iPhone 3GS. With such a high resolution, your eyes are unable to see each pixel on the iPhone 4, which results in a much clearer, crisper and more enjoyable display.

The display’s pixels were developed at 78 micrometers wide. According to Apple, because of their small size, Apple was able to pack four times the number of pixels onto the 3.5-inch screen. This results in 326 pixels per inch on the iPhone 4’s, display and it also means your images and text don't appear choppy and pixelated.

The sturdiness of this device is also a key feature of the iPhone 4’s design. The device is small, weighing only 4.8 ounces, but it feels indestructible. The retina display glass is made from the same materials used in helicopters, so if dropping smartphones is a common occurrence for you, the iPhone 4 is one of the best smartphones for you.


iPhones have always been considered strong multimedia smartphones, and the iPhone 4 is no exception. However, this cellular device provides many advanced multimedia features that have taken this Apple iPhone leaps and bounds ahead of others. For example, two cameras are found on this device. One camera can be found above the front display and the other is found on the rear exterior next to the new LED flash. The primary 5MP (megapixel) camera, found on the rear of the device, also features a 5x digital zoom.

Not only is the ability to capture beautiful images simple with the iPhone 4, but the ability to shoot video in HD is also easy. This Apple product is no stranger to the new technology available on the smartphones market, and the ability to shoot HD means you can capture clear, bright and vivid images on the smartphones that you will want to share with everyone around. Also, this cellular device has the ability to perform basic editing tasks directly on your phone, so you can create a perfect HD video each time.

Internal Specs

Even with each of the advanced features the Apple iPhone 4 offers, smartphones still provides its users with basic call features and high quality. This product features your basic call waiting, caller ID and call holding.

However, smartphones offer a little more than making just your basic calls. The iPhone 4 features FaceTime, which allows you to video call anywhere, anytime. What makes FaceTime one of the best features we found on smartphones was the simplicity it offers the user. Tap a button and you could be seeing your best friend in China or watching your son ride his bike while being miles away from home.

FaceTime also worked directly from the box, which is rare for smartphones that we didn’t have to go through some tedious installation program to begin. The front camera on your device has been created so it has the correct field of view and focal length for the FaceTime feature. However, with another tap of your finger, you can show whomever you may be video calling what is happening from the back of your smartphone using the rear camera.

Battery Life

For smartphones, this cellular device offers its users 420 minutes of battery life, which we found impressive. This product will make it through the day on a single charge. Like every phone, the battery life will depend on how much it is used. Overall, this was not the longest battery life we saw, but we were not disappointed with what the iPhone 4 provided.




Compared to this smartphone’s predecessors, the Apple iPhone 4 has the added ability to multitask. This multitasking ability on smartphones enables the user to run third-party apps and switch between them effortlessly and quickly. It allows for audio to be played in the background while you have several applications running. Also, apps that use GPS can be running while your smartphone is performing several other tasks.

This multitasking capability is made possible because of the iOS 4 operating system. We were greatly impressed by the intuitive interface it provides on smartphones. It makes smartphones easy and simple to use, yet it gives rise to one of the most powerful and enjoyable devices as well. The iOS 4 is also the platform for the thousands of available apps.


Apple’s iPhone 4 is easily one of the best smartphones available on the market and is several steps ahead of its competition. It is easy to get caught up in the vast selection of high-end features offered on this phone, but the basic features also provide the highest quality. The Apple iPhone 4 really shows what smartphones should be able to do, and it will be quite some time before anyone can truly match it.

Apple iPhone 4