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HTC Titan Review

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PROS / The 4.7-inch screen is large, lush and beautiful.

CONS / The plus-sized screen makes the phone inconveniently tall and wide.

 VERDICT / We recommend the HTC Titan if you plan to carry it in a purse or backpack, or if your pockets are big enough to accommodate it.

The HTC Titan is a massive phone in every sense of the word. It ties up first place for the fastest processor and the largest screen of any Windows Phone 7 device. It also takes the prize for the widest and tallest Windows 7 smartphone. Like so many other smartphones hitting the market these days, it is on the border between comfortably large and too big, and it even puts at least one pinky toe over the border. If you don't mind the size, we recommend this HTC smartphone for the excellent specs.

The upward creep in smartphone sizes has one simple explanation – big screens are seductive. Unfortunately, most of us also have a fatal attraction for small electronics, and the two attributes are mutually exclusive. That is why phones get slimmer and slimmer with each new crop – smartphone manufacturers have drummed up a compromise to satisfy our conflicted passions. There is a limit to this compromise . If a screen gets too large, it won't matter how sizzling thin it may be. If you can't hold it in one hand, it stops being convenient. The HTC Titan is right there on the edge.

There's a lot to love about a 4.7-inch screen. After all, movies look great on big screens. The digital keypad is easy to use even when the phone is in portrait mode. Text is delightfully easy to read. But remember, you will have to carry it around in your pocket. If your pockets are big enough or if you carry a purse, maybe the larger size won't matter. It's a judgment call only you can make.

If you listen to the sultry call of the giant S-LCD screen and give in to the HTC Titan, you have a lot to look forward to. This HTC phone features a 1.5GHz processor, an 8MP camera and a 1.3MP front-facing camera. You'll also get the benefit of an HDMI output and the standard Windows 7.5 Mango features that make the operating system so easy to use.


The HTC Titan is a large but attractive Windows 7 Phone. It has the best processor, largest screen and a decent camera, but it might be too big for some consumers. However, the large screen means the phone is perfect for media. Additionally, text is larger and the virtual keyboard is big enough to be easy to use.