Fundraising Sites Review

Why Use a Fundraising Site?

Online fundraising is a great way to raise money and obtain funds for various reasons. Whether you're looking to fundraise for personal purposes   such as medical, travel, school or other expenses   or you're working for a nonprofit organization, online fundraising sites can help you launch and manage your campaign. For our purposes, fundraising is defined as campaigning for either yourself or a non-profit organization, where you are simply asking for donations for a cause. As we're using the term, fundraising does not include crowdfunding, or, in other words, offering incentives for different tiers of donations. It also does not include peer-to-peer lending, which is when you promise to pay back your donors. Three popular fundraising sites are CrowdRise, GoFundMe and GiveForward.

Fundraising Sites: What to Look For

Fundraising sites vary in their fees and costs. Some are free, some have plans where you're charged monthly and some extract their fees from your donations. The fees generally range between 3% and 8% of the funds you raise. Every site has credit card transaction fees that will be deducted from all donations. Each site offers its own unique blend of services. All offer social media aspects and customizable pages, and most have donations and funds accessible to you at all times.

Customizable Options
With every fundraising website, you can customize your own page or site to your specifications. A few sites allow you to have your own branding and unique vanity URLs. Some allow you to post unlimited photos, and some will let you post videos in addition to photos so that you can speak to your audience directly. When looking for the right fundraising site for you, it's important to know how you want to connect with your sponsors and donors so that you know what features you need. Some sites will allow you to create customized receipts, FAQs, thank-you notes and more.

Reports & Analytics
The best fundraising websites know that analytics and reports are vital. It's important to be able to track who is donating, how much they're donating, where they're coming from and other information. Some fundraising sites create and provide reports for you. These reports might include exporting, segmentation, supporter activity and other special information to help you keep your fundraiser on track. Some sites will also connect you to other internet tools, such as Google Analytics.

Whenever you're starting a new campaign or fundraiser, sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what you need to do or how to promote your campaign. Luckily, several sites offer ideas for fundraising. These ideas are available in several formats, including blogs, lists, brochures and even ebooks. Some services offer a professional coach or team for different projects to help guide you along the way. Most fundraising sites also offer solid support via email, phone or contact forms on their websites.

There is a multitude of great online fundraising sites available to choose from for your campaign. Choosing the right one can guide you along the way to help you bring in more donors and supporters and ultimately make your fundraiser a success.