As many are coming to find, making photo books is a fun and rewarding experience that allows you to present your experiences in a way that traditional photo albums can t. Best of all, these photo books are produced by professionals, giving them the look and feel of any photo book in any bookstore. Some photo book publishers even provide avenues for selling your completed photo book projects.

So, what goes into making the perfect photo book? Well, first of all, choosing the right photo book publisher, one that offers an ample amount of binding and sizing options, while providing intuitive and easy to use tools and applications to shape your photo book is very important. The photo book site features side-by-side comparisons of different photo book publishers, such as Mixbook and Shutterfly.

An important  feature to look for is whether or not the photo book publisher offers themes, templates and helpful tips and book ideas. Though most pictures stand on their own, adding a colorful background or having special templates to showcase that day at the beach or that special birthday party, brings the picture to life in a whole new way, while setting a mood or tone for the photo book as a whole. Many photo book publishers host communities for sharing projects, both finished and unfinished, exchanging ideas and giving valuable feedback to other users. This is a crucial ingredient to making the perfect photo book.

Most photo book publishers provide an array of tools and applications to design individual pages and create an overarching theme or idea for the book itself. It is important to keep in mind that while prefabricated templates take much of the time and guesswork out of creating photo books, it is the time and trial and error that ultimately make a photo book project more rewarding.

After designing the photo book, there is another set of choices: sizing and binding. Though most sizes work equally well in both soft and hard bindings, there are some cases where one works better than another. Also, if you want your photo book's pages to remain flat, wire binding may be the best choice.

After you have selected the sizing and binding options that best suit your project, it is time to submit them. If your photo book is intended as a gift for someone, many photo book publishers provide gift services such as wrapping and card writing, but for other projects, simply choosing the shipping and handling options that the project requires is all you have left to do.

Most photo book orders are processed in approx. 5-10 business days, with your selected shipping and handling choices effective after that. Soon, you will have a new photo book and, most likely, a new hobby to boot.

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