Artifact Uprising review

A high quality photo gift site, Artifact Uprising is great for high quality prints and books.

Artifact Uprising review
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Artifact Uprising puts quality at the forefront. On the more expensive side, it’s for buyers with more budget, but well worth the cost.


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    Highest quality product

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    Bespoke options


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    Most expensive

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    Slow shipping

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Artifact Uprising sits at the premium end of modern photo book and photo card websites. A sleek and elegant series of designs give you the options to make something truly impressive, and the quality of products is well above what you get from many other rival sites. The trade-off here is that you do pay a little more, which is to be expected, and you do have to wait a little longer for shipping. Check out our list of best photo books to get the complete picture (pun intended) of what’s out there, or read on to find out more about this high quality photo gift site. 

Artifact Uprising: Pricing

Artifact Uprising’s best selling hardcover photo book starts at $69 – this is a pretty low cost considering the premium offerings that the site gives, however if you’re into something much more affordable then take a look at their softcover photo book that sits at a very pleasant $15. This bargain option comes with 30 pages, which is the most page per value we’ve found, even outdoing our favorite provider, Mixbook.

The most expensive photo book on the site clocks in at $289 and is the pinnacle of premium photo books. The Signature Layflat Photo Album comes in Artifact Uprising’s largest sizes, with more customization options than any standard product from the company. Perfect if you're looking for wedding albums.

With an additional page price ranging from $0.50 - $7 (dependent on page size) its one of the pricier options, but that’s a common theme for Artifact Uprising. If you want high quality, then it has to be paid for.

Artifact Uprising

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Artifact Uprising: Quality & Services

Not only does Artifact Uprising offer the highest quality photo books that we’ve tested, but they're also one of the most responsible outlets too. The company is dedicated to reusable materials, and so many of their products are made with reclaimed, recycled, or responsibly sourced materials. The pages of their hardcover and softcover photo books are made with this recycled paper, as well as the production of this paper coming from completely renewable wind energy. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly photo book, then look no further.

It’s not hard to see that Artifact Uprising puts quality first, every product is made to a high specification, and the company offers a quality guarantee; if you aren’t happy then you can contact them on a person-to-person email to resolve your issue. 

Artifact Uprising: Book Options

Artifact Uprising has one of the broadest options in terms of design, with 24 designs (including the custom option), which cover every major celebration. A unique category offered is the Instagram friendly photo book, at just $15, this photo book connects to your Instagram feed and automatically puts your social media pictures into a photo book, with no need to individually upload each picture.

The smallest photo book option available is a compact softcover mini photo book, coming in at 5.5x5.5 inches. The favorite hardcover photo book comes in a range of standard sizes 6x8 (portrait), 8x6 (landscape), 8.5x8.5, 8.25x11 (P), 11x8.25 (L), and 10x10 inches.

The large photo book option boasts a sheet size of 12x12 and 14x11 inches, several of these books are also available in standard sizing above.

Artifact Uprising

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Photo book creation itself can be a really daunting process, as you’re thrown into a whole new interface to edit your own collection of photos, and if you’re not the most tech savvy then you can be left in the dark. Artifact Uprising has got that covered.

For those of us that might be a little overwhelmed by the whole process, Artifact Uprising has created an entire step by step guide on how to use their photo book editor. Easy to find, and clear to navigate, the editor isn’t the trickiest that we’ve experienced from photo book creators anyway, but even if you get dazed by the various edit options there’s a resource on hand.

Once again reaching for the premium service Artifact Uprising offers album design services. Book a designer to make an album for you, starting with a deposit of $100, and their easy four step program will get you a custom photo book in a matter of days. Tell them what style you’d like, send them your pictures, and they’ll do the rest. Once you sign off on the final design it’ll be posted to you right away. No hassle, no fuss. So far Artifact Uprising is the only company we’ve encountered that offers a custom photo book option, however the price can get up to $313.

Artifact Uprising: Shipping & Support

Shipping is a standardized process for Artifact Uprising. Given that each photo book is made from recycled materials there is always stock on hand and, depending on your choice of size and material, your photo book will usually be made between three and five days.

Due to the bespoke way that Artifact Uprising works, shipping can take extra time. It's a family run business, focusing on quality, and so ships from several locations through the US. Unlike larger chain photo book creators (Shutterfly and Walmart Photo), its shipping can be a longer process. Shipping costs start at around $18 for a standard USPS ship, that will take on average 6-8 business days, to an expedited FedEX Rush order at $60 which will get it to you in one day. Shipping times do not include time taken to produce the photo book.

Artifact Uprising

(Image credit: Artifact Uprising)

Artifact Uprising: Support and user reviews

The site has several help links for you to use. An itemized FAQ page lets you choose the right category for your enquiry, giving you several pages that should cover all your issues. If you problem isn’t addressed in their FAQ they have an email page where you can submit a contact request, and they’ll get back to you within their working hours.

Currently Artifact Uprising does not have a phone line, or a live chat function, where you can address your grievances in real time. If you’re looking for speed over quality then a chain would give you a more direct customer service experience.

Artifact Uprising has been given high praise from users who say it’s “easy to navigate”, and love the end results, calling their photo books “fantastic products quality, design, creativity”. The experience has received praise as high as the product “This is the best customer service I’ve ever encountered”. Artifact Uprising seems to deliver and product and experience that matches the price point. 

Should you use Artifact Uprising?

Artifact Uprising is a clear, and quality focused company, that really put the standard of its products at the forefront. It might have the most expensive photo books that we’ve looked at, but also has the clearest company ethos and it generates many of the best products. Renewable materials, high quality products, and an easy to use interface, Artifact Uprising is a great choice if you’re wanting to make a great impression with an excellent photo book.

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