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Snapfish offers a satisfaction guarantee and some of the best template selections in our testing, but lacked pricing transparency.

Snapfish Photo Review
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There's a huge range of cards to choose from, but you might be surprised by the high prices when you get to the Snapfish checkout.


  • +

    You can pick up orders at CVS, Walgreens or Walmart

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    Great selection of templates

  • +

    Satisfaction guarantee


  • -

    High shipping fees

  • -

    Less customizable than some other sites

  • -

    Expensive pricing which isn’t transparent

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Snapfish offers a wide selection of the best photo cards, with a handful of personalization options and features to make card creation easy. There are many designs for creating photo holiday cards, invitations and announcements. You can even start using a blank card template. It does a whole range of photo gifts, too, and you'll also find Snapfish on our guide to the best photo books.

On the Snapfish website, it’s hard to tell exactly how much a card or book will cost. Our card ended up costing $2.75, even though the card listing said the price would be ‘as low as $1’, which is because the price depends on the specifications of the card you choose. Whilst this is understandable, it does make it harder to know what you’re paying for a card, especially as you don’t see the actual price you’ll pay until you’ve made the card. This is lacking in transparency, meaning you can design a complete card only to see it costs over twice as much as you thought it would.

You can order any amount of cards from 1 to 999. We tested 5x7, folded cards with three photos on each of our tests and we found that we could order 1 for $2.75, 15 for $41 and 100 for $230 including taxes and shipping - making Snapfish a mid-price photo card service. However, Snapfish does have some of the highest delivery fees we saw at $30 and you don't see how much your fees will be until checkout, meaning you could be in for a nasty surprise. 

The majority of card services we looked at have regular discounts and promotions running to cut prices significantly. We didn’t take these temporary savings into account when doing our pricing tests, but Snapfish had one of the best savings we saw. This makes it definitely worth checking out before deciding where to order from, as you never know when you can save over 50% on cards and other prints.

Snapfish Photo Cards review: Quality and services  

  • Off-colour printing on some paper types
  • Slow delivery
  • Good quality matte printing

Snapfish had mixed reviews among our testers. We ordered two cards: one on matte photo paper and the other on premium cardstock. The matte photo card printed true to color, with good image clarity. The testers especially liked the coloring of the graphics; they popped on the page. The cardstock was sturdy, but the photos and graphics came out in a pale-green hue that made the premium card look amateurish, especially when we placed it next to the matte photo card. The print clarity was decent but a little blurred. This card is double-sided and features a continuation of the front design. Note that Snapfish’s name is printed on the backs of the cards, and the company’s logo is imprinted on the middle of the bottom.

The cards were rather slow to arrive in the mail, taking seven business days to arrive. Another small complaint was the plain envelopes, which were rather flimsy and did nothing to enhance the cards. You cannot choose from different envelope colors, and there are no envelope linings. Additionally, this service doesn’t allow you to print recipients’ addresses and doesn’t offer a mailing service. Unfortunately, bulk orders cost more than those from most of the services we reviewed as the incremental discounts for increasing card quantities weren’t quite as dramatic as sites such as Mixbook and Zazzle. 

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Snapfish Photo Cards review: Product options and creation

  • Impressive selection across a variety of holidays
  • Lack of search filter options
  • Option to print in-store

Snapfish has a brilliant template selection, offering a wide variety of photo cards for all of the major holidays. Unlike Shutterfly and Mixbook there’s a huge selection for events like Kwanzaa and Rosh Hashanah. This service lacks many of the search filters that other websites offer; you can’t filter by photo orientation, photo quantity, size or price range, meaning you’ll have to do a little more work to find what you want.

Snapfish offers a wide selection of photo cards, with a handful of personalization options and features to make card creation easy. There are many designs for creating photo cards, invitations and announcements. You can even start using a blank card template. There’s 4 trim options and a variety of foil colors, but there are not as many embellishments, like embossing and glitter, as you get with competing photo card services. Paper choices include glossy photo-style paper, matte photo paper and writable cardstock.

The card builder lets you adjust photos, text, colors, layout and font. We weren’t impressed by the options to customize colors and layout as sites such as Zazzle offered us far more creative control, but there were plenty of options for the inside of the card and for a small fee you can add a return address in customizable design to the back of the included envelope. You must do your final review of the product digitally. Although this gives you an idea of how your cards will appear, it does not provide an accurate image of how your photos will translate to print.

Snapfish works with CVS, Walmart Photo and Walgreens Photo to print your works at a brick-and-mortar location. You cannot pick up your order the same day, but it usually takes only about three days for your order to be ready. Some designs are available only through one of the pickup locations, so make sure you have the right store near you if you want to go that route.

Snapfish: Photo books

You’ll pay $29.99 for a 20-page 8 x 8 hard cover photo book from Snapfish. This price is pretty average across the board. Snapfish also charges for standard shipping and tax so the price will go up a bit. Like many other services, if you want to add more pages, you must do so in pairs. It costs $1.99 for two pages, which isn’t a bad price.

The book we got from Snapfish was not the best quality photo book we saw, but it was superior to many others. Our experts stated that a few of the images were grainy and the cover image printed dark. However, they also told us that the page thickness and sturdy cover are nice. And we must say the the default glossy finish gave it a polished look. You won’t find a flyleaf in these books and the Snapfish logo will be printed on the last page. One of the biggest complaints we got from our testers was that the book’s binding threading was very noticeable on the last page. If you want a service that offers better print quality, we recommend Mixbook Photo Book.

Snapfish Photo Cards review: Support and customer service 


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  • Many customer service options 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Outside of card making, Snapfish’s greatest strength is customer service. Its representatives are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful throughout the card-making and ordering processes. Snapfish's 100-percent satisfaction guarantee offers a full refund or card replacement if you are dissatisfied with your order. This online card store also offers several support resources in case you have any questions or concerns while using the service. You can contact a customer service representative via email, telephone or live chat. 

Should you order from Snapfish?

Snapfish offered some of the best template selections in our testing but lacked pricing transparency. The cards we ordered through the company’s website had great design and alright quality. Whilst Snapfish had some search filters such as card type, photo orientation and color, it didn’t have a price filter meaning you don’t know if you’re getting the cheapest card possible. Still, you can rest assured that Snapfish provides quality cards and outstanding customer service. 

If you're here for the photo books or other gifts... there are loads of options to choose from. Print quality is good, although again, pricing is a bit of an issue. If you're planning to get a range of photo products, you'll likely be able to get everything you need here.

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