Many people create scrapbooks to capture their memories in physical form. They adorn photos, concert tickets, birth announcements and other memorabilia with clever words printed in funky fonts. They paste colorful decorations on the page, from simple stickers to durable die cuts. Technology and printing advancements, however, have introduced a simpler and more efficient way to get the same result: photo books.

Photo Books Incorporate All the Benefits of Scrapbooking

photo book, Thomas Frost Jensen
Image via Flickr by Thomas Frost Jensen

A scrapbook is easy to share and display. You might fill a living room shelf with all the scrapbooks you have assembled over the years, and then pull them down to view during family gatherings. Scrapbooking also motivates you to print your photos, especially in an age when many images remain recorded in digital form, languishing on hard drives and memory cards. Failing to print photos can result in losing those memories for good.

Photo books offer those same benefits but with a few minor differences: You select the images you want to print, assemble them in the proper arrangement, choose the design for your book and then place your order. One benefit of photo books versus scrapbooks is that since photo books feature polished pages and durable bindings, the books hold up better over time.

Scrapbooking Requires Considerable Effort and Expense

If you build scrapbooks often, you've probably devoted a drawer, a closet, or an entire room to the process. You've collected cartons full of paper, stickers, stamps, die cuts, machines and other supplies required to assemble these books.

In addition, scrapbooking requires you to wrestle with sticky glue, imprecise die-cutting machines, uncooperative tape and irreversible mistakes. Photo books end those sources of frustration and allow you to enjoy the finished product without all the hassle.

Start a New Tradition with Photo Books

photo book, ~Brenda-Starr~
Image via Flickr by ~Brenda-Starr~

Although photo books require less work than scrapbooks, they don't inhibit your creativity. The best photo books allow you to choose from many backgrounds, templates and other design details so that your finished book reflects your own taste and personality.

Several photo books online also allow you to create custom layouts. You don't have to cage yourself in with premade templates. Instead, just like scrapbooking, let inspiration guide you through the project. You don't have to worry about gluing your fingers together in the process.

Creating Your Own Photo Book Is Easier

Superior e-commerce systems have improved the ordering process for photo albums and similar products: Create an account with the company where you want to place your order, upload all your images to the service's system and follow the specific guidelines for photo size and resolution.

In many cases, you'll use the service's proprietary system to design each page of your book. Create photo captions, insert brief anecdotes or add clip art and other graphics. Once you're satisfied with your design, you approve the photo book for printing. When your book arrives, you can enjoy the book right away.

Even if you continue to make scrapbooks every once in a while, photo books offer an attractive and versatile addition to your photo album collection. Keep them for yourself or give them as gifts.

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