Pros / State Farm has one of the best customer satisfaction ratings of the insurance agencies we evaluated.

Cons / It's difficult to get a quote unless you are willing to give your personal information, such as SSN or driver's license number.

 Verdict / State Farm is one of the best auto insurance agencies available, with good rates and high customer satisfaction. While not one of our top three, it's nonetheless a worthy choice for car insurance, especially for classic cars.

State Farm is one of the better-known automobile insurance agencies. It has excellent customer service and reasonable rates. It has the usual plans and discounts found with most car insurances, with an especially comprehensive policy to cover antique or collectible cars.

It's difficult to get a quote, either online or over the phone, unless you are willing to give a driver's license number or social security number. State Farm uses this information to pull up your driving record in order to give you the best quote possible. Nearly all insurance agencies ask for this information eventually because driving records play a big part in insurance rates, but all of the others we spoke to quickly gave us an estimate quote first for comparison. Only a few State Farm agents provided estimates, and we found their premiums on par with the national average.

State Farm has special policies for specific situations, such as cars used specifically for your business. This coverage includes defense and court costs should you be sued for an accident one of your company cars is involved in. The antique/classic car coverage takes care of collectible cars that you seldom drive but use for special events, like parades or shows. In this case, you work with your local agent on the determining the value of your classic car, and should it be totaled in an accident, you receive that value rather than the cash value of the car itself. (This does not apply to cars insured in Massachusetts, North Carolina or Texas, however.) This insurance also covers spare parts, something to consider if parts for your vintage vehicle are difficult to come by.

State Farm has the seven most common discounts for auto insurance.

  • Good student
  • Multiple autos
  • Multiple lines (home, life, and auto)
  • Good driver
  • Steer Clear (driving course)
  • Defensive driving course
  • Drive Safe & Save

The Drive Safe and Save is a monitoring program that many car insurances are adopting. With State Farm, you can use a plug-in device or your OnStar or SYNC system. In California, you can self-report and in Ohio, you can use your mobile phone and car's Bluetooth system. Your driving habits, primarily mileage, are recorded, and your insurance adjusted each renewal period. If you drive more than the mileage you already receive a deduction for, you may see your rates increase.

The app lets you get quotes on insurance, view your insurance card, manage your account, check claims and contact your local agent. The mobile app works on your Kindle as well, something we did not find for any other insurance agency we evaluated.

State Farm Auto Insurance Compare Quote


State Farm's auto insurance has reasonable rates and high customer satisfaction. While it doesn't have as many discounts as other car insurance companies, it's nonetheless a good choice to consider while pricing out plans. If you have a vintage or collectable car, you should definitely consider it.

State Farm Auto Insurance Compare Quote

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