Pros / With Humana's Loyalty plan, benefits increase each year.

Cons / Some plans don't cover orthodontics.

 Verdict / Humana is overall one of the best dental insurance companies, because its plans reward loyalty by increasing coverage over time. It also has convenient online features and a mobile app. Check the plans carefully, however, if you have kids who may need braces.

Humana is one of the best dental insurance companies, because it offers plans that reward customer loyalty and plans for veterans. Its plans are easy to understand, comprehensive and, in most cases, can save you money, even if you only need regular preventative care. With a mobile app that lets you handle your account as well as its other great features, Humans earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze award.


Humana offers different plans and pricing depending on your state. It also considers if you are a smoker or not. Because plans and pricing vary, we cannot give you an exact value statement on any of the insurance companies we reviewed. Rather, we looked at policies for a single non-smoking woman in her 40s, then one adding a dependent and then an adult with two dependents. To determine savings, we priced out standard preventative care for each of these cases in 10 different zip codes. Finally, we priced plans in those zip codes to see if you would save money purchasing the insurance or just paying for the preventative procedures out-of-pocket.

Humana consistently offered the some of the highest savings of all the dental insurance companies we reviewed. On average, we found you can save nearly 45 percent on dental care with this insurance – more if you need procedures like fillings done. Of course, actual savings vary by state and even zip code as prices for dental care are not standard. With its loyalty plan, the benefits gradually increase over three years, so the value increases.

There is an enrollment fee, but you can purchase a vision plan along with the dental plan, and if you do both at the same time, Humana waives one enrollment fee.

Terms & Conditions

As with any dental insurance company, plans vary in price and coverage, with the best coverage attached to the highest price. One advantage of Humana's Loyalty Plus program is that it has a one-time deductible rather than an annual one, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. The maximum coverage also increases annually, as does the percentage it pays for different procedures.

Humana has a package specifically for those who have served in the military called Preventative Plus for Veterans. While the premiums and dental coverage are the same as the regular Preventative Plus plan, it has extra discounts on prescriptions, vision, chiropractic and hearing plus visits to urgent care clinics. This plan requires a one-year commitment.

Some plans do not cover orthodontics, and partial reimbursement for sealants stops after age 14. This is the youngest age of the other insurance companies we reviewed to stop paying for sealants. In addition, if your children need braces or have a history of cavities and may benefit from sealants, you may want to consider a different insurance company.

Customer Service

You can see dentists outside Humana's network, although these dentists may charge more for services. One convenient feature with Humana is that it does not require you to go to your primary dentist first before consulting a specialist. Therefore, if you have dental work you know needs a specialist's touch, you can find one yourself and make the appointment without the added time and expense of consulting with your general care dentist.

Humana Dental offers online forms for filing a claim and online claim tracking. With Humana, you have the ability to make manual payments, but you can also handle all the paperwork online through your MyHumana portal. You can also find physicians and specialists through the program as well.

Humana's mobile app is a great feature if you enjoy doing things on your phone. It ties to your MyHumana account and lets you review your coverage and benefits, find a dentist, and track claims. In addition, you can use it to check prices on prescriptions, find a pharmacy and order refills.


Humana has several plans that are a good value, particularly for veterans or people who keep the insurance for several years. It has a convenient online portal where you can conveniently handle your claims, find dentists or take care of prescriptions. Overall, it's one of the best dental insurance companies.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Sample Pricing – You Pay

Root Canal
Fillings - Lowest Price
Simple Extraction

Estimated Average Yearly Savings

1 Person
2 Person
3 Person
Average Savings Before Co-pays & Other

Average Monthly Premium Ranges

Lowest Premium - Average $26.00
Highest Premium - Average $45.00

Customer Service

# of In-network Dentists
Online Customer Portal
Online Claims Tracker
Pays Out to Provider Directly
Easy to Understand Contracts
Mobile App

Sample Terms & Conditions – Plans Vary

Standout Feature
Coverage Increases Annually
Annual Maximum - Enrollee
Waiting Period
Deductible - Enrollee
$150/ One-Time
Deductible - Family of 3
Cleaning Frequency
6 Months
Bitewing X-Rays Frequency
12 Months
Full-Mouth X-Ray Frequency
60 Months
Sealants - Up to Age