Pros / ADrive offers 50GB of free backup storage and personal storage plans that run as high as 10TB.

Cons / It lacks continuous backup option, bandwidth throttle controls and encrypted storage.

 Verdict / ADrive's free plan includes 50GB of storage, which the most available free backup storage available. However, even the paid subscriptions lack important features that you'd expect in the best online data storage services, like continuous backup and encrypted storage.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Online Data Backup Services here.

The best feature ADrive has to offer is the 50GB free plan. While most online data storage services allow you to test drive the software with a trial, few offer free plans that never expire. Fewer still are free plans with a significant amount of storage, as most free plans include only 2GB of free storage, which is enough online storage to back up hundreds of text documents and about dozen or so MP3 albums. With ADrive, your free account is enough for many people to back up their entire music library.

The disadvantage of the free plan is that it lacks most of the features that you would get with the paid subscriptions, which start as low as 100GB and can go as high as 10TB. The free plan is subsidized by advertisements, which means that every time you open the ADrive desktop application, you'll be subjected to ads. These ads put your computer at risk of spyware. The features that are included with the paid subscriptions include the ability to backup files as large as 16GB, 24/7 support and online collaboration.

However, even with a paid account, ADrive's backup features don't compare to the best online data backup services. One of the most glaring missing features is continuous backup. This is a backup option that allows you to have changes backed up in real-time. This results in faster backup times that won't hog your Wi-Fi resources. In addition, it lacks bandwidth throttle controls, which allow you to customize how much of your Wi-Fi it uses when backing up and restoring. Without this feature, backing up large amounts of data can hijack your Wi-Fi, making it difficult to use the internet.

In addition, it lacks true file archiving. File archiving allows you to access and restore past versions of a file, which is helpful when you're not happy with changes that you may have made to a document. The best backup services record an unlimited number of file versions, allowing you to restore the file to any point in the file's history. Instead, ADrive takes a snapshot of your files once a week and deletes that snapshot the following week. This means that you can only access one past version of a file, and this version only reaches back one week.

Another flaw with ADrive is the lack of encrypted storage. While your data is safe from prying eyes while it's being transferred from your computer to the cloud servers, it isn't protected once it's on the server. If a hacker manages to break into ADrive's servers, there would be nothing to keep the files safe from prying eyes. This is especially important if you're backing up your family's financial data.


ADrive is ideal for backing up small amounts of data because of the 50GB free storage plan. However, the lack of true file archiving and encrypted storage means that your data isn't as safe from loss as the best online data backup services.