Pros / Exede gives you unlimited off-peak hours, letting you better manage downloads and media streaming.

Cons / Exede gives you unlimited off-peak hours, letting you better manage downloads and media streaming.

 Verdict / Exede balances fair pricing with good internet speeds and bandwidth capacities.

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Exede offers satellite internet with varying speeds and bandwidth limits, letting you choose one that best matches your needs. Unlike most other rural internet providers, Exede offers unlimited late-night bandwidth and high upstream speeds for premium users. Despite having below-average downstream speeds and a small selection of plans.

Speed & Performance

The basic plans give you 5 Mbps for downstreaming and 1 Mbps for upstreaming, which is the standard across the market. Premium plans, however, get below-average downstream speeds, just 12 Mbps rather than the standard 15 Mbps. But to balance that out, premium subscribers get a boost to their upstream speeds, which reach up to 3 Mbps. Consider your usage habits before you sign up for a plan to ensure you find the right balance of price and data. For instance, upstream speeds are important if you upload a lot of photos and videos to social media, while downstream speeds determine the data you can download.

Bandwidth Threshold

Like Exede's premium internet speeds, its bandwidth capacities differ from those of the very best satellite internet providers. As a basic plan user, you get a boost in your average anytime bandwidth allotment, with up to 10GB to use per billing period. As a premium user, though, you have only 30GB, which is quite a bit less than you get with other providers, which typically offer 50GB to 60GB with their premium plans.

To counteract this limit, Exede gives you unlimited bandwidth during off-peak hours, whereas some other providers only grant you 50GB. This period is generally from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m., and while it's not the most ideal time period to use the internet, it lets you catch up on your Netflix or online gaming marathons without using up part of your data allotment.

If you use up all of your monthly data before your billing period ends, Exede throttles your speeds. However, you can purchase a small amount of extra data for about $10 per gigabyte to keep your speeds normal, if you need.

Account & Contract

Contract terms with this satellite internet provider are generally two years long, and if you want to cancel service before then, you pay an early termination fee that equals or exceeds $15 per each remaining contracted month. Exede also lets you temporarily suspend your service, which is also known as a hibernation plan, without violating your contract. Instead of billing you the full amount during this time, it only charges you about $10 per each month with this plan, making it a great way to have internet at your vacation house or to pause it at your own house if you'll be gone for a couple months at a time.

The option to purchase a small amount of extra data generally keeps your internet up and running at your contracted speeds without throttling. Plans, pricing and fees vary by location, so you'll need to call Exede to see if it services your area and what plans are available there.

Support & Resources

This satellite internet provider offers technical support via live chat, email and phone. However, its email and live chat options seem to be geared more toward sales than customer service, so if you have questions about the provider as a prospective or existing customer, we recommend contacting its dedicated support team by phone.

Existing customers also have a dedicated member’s portal where you can get direct service, read updates and so forth. The company's website is also full of educational information about its services, as well as a knowledgebase.


Overall, Exede is a good satellite internet option because it has decent coverage and plans, comprehensive customer service, and unlimited off-peak bandwidth. Its premium plans are less costly than most others, making it a good deal for those who regularly need to get online but are on a budget. Though it doesn't match other providers with its premium plan speeds and bandwidth, Exede offers the highest upstream speeds on the market, helping you stay connected and upload data no matter where you live.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Support & Resources

Dedicated Customer Support Portal
Live Chat
Online Resources


Basic Plan Estimate (monthly)
Installation Cost Estimate
Equipment Leasing Fee (monthly)
Activation Fee Estimate

Account & Contract

Number of Plans
Up to 2
Early Termination Fee
$15/each remaining contracted month
Hibernation Plan Available

Speed & Performance

Base Optimal Downstream (Mbps)
Premium Optimal Downstream (Mbps)
Base Optimal Upstream (Mbps)
Premium Optimal Upstream (Mbps)

Bandwidth Threshold

Base Anytime Bandwidth (GB)
Premium Anytime Bandwidth (GB)
Late Night Bandwidth (GB)
Bandwidth Throttling At Data Cap
Can Purchase Overage Data