Pros / Got SKY’s trained tech support assists customers with all their technical problems.

Cons / Their cancellation fee is higher than some other satellite internet providers’ fees.

 Verdict / Got SKY is interested in giving their customers a good satellite internet experience.

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Got SKY is a reseller for WildBlue satellite internet. They sell the equipment and plans for the same price as WildBlue. Got SKY has been working with WildBlue since they started selling high-speed satellite internet in 2005. In addition to selling the equipment and plans, they train their employees to help customers with their technical support needs.

Speed & Performance

High-speed satellite internet for rural areas can be up to 30 times faster than dial-up. Got SKY offers WildBlue’s three satellite internet plans: Value Pak, Select Pak and Pro Pak. Value Pak comes with download speeds as high as 512 kilobits per second (Kbps) and upload speeds as fast as 128Kbps. The Select Pak’s download speeds can reach 1 megabit per second (Mbps), and its upload speeds can be as fast as 200Kbps. The Pro Pak has the fastest speeds, up to 1.5Mbps for downloads and 256Kbps for uploads. Got SKY and other satellite internet providers don’t guarantee their advertised speeds.

Since so many people use satellite internet, WildBlue and other providers limit the bandwidth that each customer can use. Got SKY’s plans are no different. The Value Pak has a download limit of 9,800 megabytes (MB) per 30 days, the Select Pak has a 15,000MB maximum and you can use 22,000MB with the Pro Pak. If you exceed this limit, WildBlue will decrease your service speed temporarily.

You’ll also receive five email addresses that come with 7 gigabytes (GB) of storage per account for the Value and Select Paks. The Pro Pak comes with 10 email accounts that each have 7GB of storage. These come standard with most satellite internet plans.

Bandwidth Threshold

They handle their own billing, customer service and 24/7 technical support. They train their tech support to solve problems with the WildBlue equipment and services. Got SKY professionals install the equipment at your home or office. Their customer service is friendly and helpful. Before you purchase a plan, they make sure you understand all the terms and conditions.

Account & Contract

These satellite internet plans come with a free anti-virus and anti-spyware product called F-Secure for the first year of your contract. After that, there’s a small monthly fee to continue using the service. Another nice thing about this provider is that your satellite broadband plan comes with 10 hours per month of dial-up access. If you use your allotted bandwidth and you need a backup internet option, you can still use the internet. They also have a link to a website that can give you helpful tips on how to stay safe on the internet.


While Got SKY resells WildBlue products, they aren’t like many other providers who just deal with the sales and hand their customers over to a separate call center. Got SKY assists their customers throughout the whole process from installing the satellite antenna to providing 24/7 trained tech support.