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What is Better, People Search or White Pages?

There are several ways of finding someone through the Internet, but they are not all equal. Social networking sites can be a great asset, unless the person in question uses a different site or doesn&r

The Beginner's Guide to Performing Background Checks

The reasons for performing a background check can vary depending on the situation, ranging from a curious landlord to a nosy spouse. Regardless of your motives, here is a how-to guide on conducting a

Is Instant Checkmate Safe and Legit?

Have you ever wanted to know more about the people you work with? Is there someone you don't feel safe around? You can use services like Instant Checkmate to perform background checks on people you do

How To Remove Personal Information From The Internet

In many ways, the internet has been good for the world. However, one problem is the overexposure of personal information. When anyone can readily find your official name, physical address and personal

Should You Background Check Your Date?

You really cannot be too careful when it comes to who you choose to date. People lie, and in the age of online social networking, misrepresentations are not unheard of. Have you ever Googled someone’s

Using People Search Engines to Fight Against Identity Theft

In this age of technology, identity theft is an ever-growing concern. “Hackers” aren’t always hyper-intelligent computer nerds that work in dark environments, combing through back-en

How Far Back Do Background Checks Go?

Employers, landlords, and parents in need of childcare for their kids represent just a few of the groups of people who conduct background checks on a regular basis. A background check reveals financia

What are Public Records?

You might be surprised to find out just how much information is available about you. Most people don’t realize that much of their personal information is actually kept in public records databases that

Background Check Yourself?

Most background check services search public records that may include such information as your phone number, address and criminal background. However, they can also process the information they receiv

What's In a Background Check?

Even though background checks have become very popular, especially for employers looking to hire, many people are confused about what kind of information comes in a background check and where the info

Why Do a Nanny Background Check?

In recent years, news of abusive or dishonest nannies and daycare services has become more common. Even most nannies are trustworthy, it is extremely important to research a nanny’s background before

Why Do An Online Dating Background Search?

There are thousands of success stories from online dating, thousands of couples that are enjoying the benefits of the Internet. Without question, online dating has expanded the social circles of milli

Why Conduct a Background Search?

People from all walks of life conduct background searches in an effort to make informed decisions in regards to protecting themselves, employees and family members, property and investments. Searches

What is the Difference Between a Background Check and a People Search?

Many people are confused by background checks and people searches because they are both offered by the same companies and often contain the same information. Both types of services also use the sam

Criminal Background Check vs. Background Check: What's the Difference?

People are often confused about the difference between a background check and a criminal background check, and rightfully so. There is often little difference because regular background checks and cri

History of the Sex Offender Registry

The state of Minnesota set the ball rolling on the sex offender registry as we know it now. Prior to 1991, law enforcement did not have an organized, compiled list of sex offenders. So when 11-year-ol

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