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6 Best Free Data Backup Software Programs

Before disaster strikes and all your important files are missing, you want to be prepared. You can make a one-time purchase or pay monthly fees to back up your important data, or you can use free vers

Removable Backup Media: Pros and Cons

Backup Media Then Not long ago there were only two choices available for backup media: magnetic tape for large backups or 3.5-inch floppy disks for small jobs. That was it. Back then it was simple; i

Which Backup Solution is Best for You?

We're all different. We have different jobs, families and interests, so it makes sense that our computer backup needs would be diverse too. Fortunately, backup software manufacturers understand and of

How to Back Up Your Data

In the event of a computer crash, theft, or other catastrophe, your data – files, photos, settings, everything stored on your hard drive – can be gone in the blink of an eye. Make sure your data is ba

How to Back up Your Computer

Imagine losing every personal document, work file, family photo in one catastrophic swoop. Do you keep your first draft of the great American novel on your hard drive? Pictures of your cat? A diary? I

The Importance of Backing Up Your Data

Imagine one day, out of the blue, your computer fails catastrophically. It won’t boot at all. You take it to a repair shop, but they tell you the hard drive is fried. You’ve permanently lost all of yo

Winning the Data Recovery Game

We identify many interesting trends when we update our data recovery sites, and Mac disk recovery is no exception. Sifting through the information that we collect, we find that the largest group of ou

Why Your Time Machine Won't Be Enough

Mac users are one of the most studied consumer groups out there, and there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to prove it. In 2011, media outlets ran with the not-so-scientific survey by, “Mac

Cloud Backup Risks: Why IT Admins Are Afraid of Commitment

While the choice between PC backup software and software as a service (SaaS) is not the same as choosing a cell phone contract, it does provide similar challenges. Frequently, information technology p

Making the Most of the Best Server Backup Software

Making the most of your backup server software should be about as easy as selecting the best server backup software for your network, but that is not always the case. Of course, you want to find softw


Hollywood is always looking for the next great movie idea. A recent movie craze has been taking an existing product and making a big-screen adaptation. Battleship, GI Joe and Transformers have all rec

Data Backup Solutions for Small Businesses

You've started a small business, hired a few employees and stored a lot of sensitive data on your computer. Now you're looking for best way to make sure your data is safe, even if your computer crashe

My Laptop Crashed! Can I Recover the Files?

Most people discover the need for data backup software after they've lost all of their data. Whether you're dealing with a virus or some kind of hardware malfunction, there is nothing more frustrating

Why Windows Server Backup Isn't Enough

You've sunk thousands of dollars into your Windows server network, not to mention the time it took to configure. So you might hesitate to spend more money on the best Windows server backup software. A

If Hard Disk Recovery Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It

Perhaps the greatest reference to data loss we have was the destruction of the Library of Alexandria in A.D. 642. The library had suffered earlier fires and sackings, such as those by the order of Cop

Mac Data Recovery: Try DIY or Call the Pros?

We've all experienced that sickening, pit-in-the-stomach feeling upon discovering that a truly important and irreplaceable file is gone. Not just sent to the trash, but permanently wiped forever. Than

US Data Centers: Where the

We all know that our data is not stored in an actual cloud, and we know that our applications are not run from a collection of water vapor in the sky. But what is "the cloud?" Origins of the

Don't Mac it Worse! What Not to Do When Your Hard Drive Crashes

Mac computers may be known for their reliability, but that doesn't mean that they're immune to hard disk and logical failure any more than their PC counterparts. A hard disk crash occurs when the phys

My Computer Will Not Start. How Do I Recover My Files?

There’s nothing worse than a computer that won’t start. It’s a terrifying situation that can mean the loss of important data or the need to shell out more dough on a replacement part

Should I Trust Free File Recovery Software?

When you're dealing with a disk disaster or deleted files, the last thing you want to worry about is malicious or subpar software. When you look for free file recovery software online, you will notice

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