BullGuard Antivirus review

BullGuard antivirus is a solid choice for computer protection, easy to use, and is relatively inexpensive too.

BullGuard antivirus review
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BullGuard antivirus works well on Windows and Macs to deliver decent protection and early detection of most malware threats. It lacks some features, especially the basic AV package, but isn't too expensive either.


  • +

    Easy to use

  • +

    Good early threat detection

  • +

    Good Game Mode


  • -

    Fewer features than some

  • -

    Misses some malware

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It's tough to stand out in the crowded antivirus world. BullGuard Antivirus does this with anti-spam tools, impressive early-detection features, an attractive interface and some excellent customer service. While not currently among the best antivirus software, BullGuard identifies and removes a wide variety of viruses, spyware, worms, rootkits and Trojans from not only Windows 10 computers, but other, older versions of Windows as well. So if you've refused to upgrade for years, BullGuard is a reasonably priced option for older PCs as well as the best home computers.

BullGuard continuously scans your computer's HDD or SSD for virus signatures. It also protects you online and filters for spam, keeping your inbox clean. The interface is easy to understand and frequently shows explanations that are helpful for beginners.

BullGuard has added a whole host of new features for 2020, although not all feature in the basic level antivirus software we are reviewing here. The AV package does benefit from machine learning, which helps to identify malware earlier and prevent extensive damage to your PC or Mac. If you upgrade to the Premium or Internet Security packages, which only cost a few more dollars at the moment, you're also treated to a secure browser (which seems unnecessary given most major browsers like Chrome and IE are pretty secure) and Identity Theft protection (which is a lot more useful). 

The regular antivirus package takes early detection seriously by helping you eliminate existing threats and prevent future ones. BullGuard uses a tool known as vulnerability scanner, which helps identify viruses before they become part of the virus signature database. This uses abnormal registry, file process and network events to identify viruses. BullGuard automatically checks for updates against new threats, but you can also manually run a check any time. 

BullGuard antivirus 2020 review

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Customer support options for BullGuard Antivirus are among the best. Email queries get quick responses. We received ours within one hour. You have the option to start a live chat on any day and at any time with technical support personnel. Telephone support is also available 24/7. BullGuard hosts an online forum where you can tap into the community of users. There are also FAQs, product guides and technical guides online.

Overall, BullGuard is a decent product for protecting against malware on both Windows 10 machines and Macs, but it doesn't have as many features as high-ranked computer protection software. It has made great strides in recent years by adding a Game Booster mode, which blocks pop-ups and can actually improve performance in some instances, and you also get parental control options too, if you're worried about how your family is using the internet. It isn't quite as effective as something like Kaspersky at eliminating all threats, but it's a decent, easy to use AV that does enough to protect most users.

Bullguard for older versions of Windows

BullGuard Antivirus for Windows 8

We also tested Bullguard against older versions of Windows. In our Windows 8 tests, conducted a couple of years ago, BullGuard received slightly lower marks than it did on Windows 10 tests. While it still achieved above-average scores for protection and performance, it dropped to about average in usability. This means it showed some difficulty in differentiating between good and bad files and sometimes blocked legitimate websites and content.

BullGuard is good at intercepting both known and unknown malware threats, and it includes anti-spam tools and early-detection features. It is capable of finding and removing spyware, worms, Trojans and rootkits, both those attempting to infiltrate your computer from online sources and from outside media sources such as USB drives and incoming email.

It does slow your system performance slightly, but not enough that you would notice and not as much as the industry standard. It has anti-spyware and anti-spam capabilities in addition to anti-malware and anti-phishing.

BullGuard Antivirus for Windows 7

BullGuard is quick to install and has an elegant user interface. In order to detect malware, it uses a database of known threats. It can also detect new threats that are not in the known-threat database yet. A spam filter protects you from annoying spam at least and phishing scams at best. BullGuard warns you if any of the websites in search results host malware or attempt phishing, making it a good product to consider for Windows 7 protection.

AV-Test, a German independent test lab, included BullGuard as one of 22 products it tested on Windows 7 computers during February of 2015. BullGuard got a perfect score in a test suite that checked its ability to protect your computer from malware. It was adequate in tests of its ability to decipher between good and bad files and websites, earning an above-average score for its rate of false positives than most other computer virus protection software.

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