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GetDataBack 1.02 Review

PROS / This recovery software has an easy-to-use interface with a largely intuitive operation.

CONS / GetDataBack was unable to recover any of the lost files on the microSD card; likewise, it recovered nothing from the reformatted microSD card in our testing.

 VERDICT / Much of GetDataBack’s capability comes in its ability to recover lost files and files from a reformatted hard drive.

GetDataBack Simple from Runtime Software offers a comprehensive approach to data recovery software. It lists your physical devices by size before scanning the selected drive for partition tables and files. The downside to this is that you need to know the size of your devices to avoid selecting the wrong one, which could be particularly problematic if you have several similarly sized disks, such as a RAID configuration. If RAID recovery happens to be your issue, Runtime does have an add-on RAID Recovery for Windows available.

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The deep scan option, labeled Sophistication, allows the software to look beyond simply lost data to find other partitions that may have been lost. The interface allows you drill down through partitions to folders and individual files so you can perform granular recoveries on only the specific data you need to recover.

  1. Hard disk drive scan and recovery speed is influenced by how the data was stored and moving parts in the drive.
  2. 8 GetDataBack
    3.5 GB/hr
  3. 8.1 GB/hr
  4. 18.2 GB/hr
  5. 6.6 GB/hr
  6. Category Average
    11.13 GB/hr

In our own testing, Runtime GetDataBack Simple was tasked with recovering data from two primary types of data loss on a variety of devices, the results of which are listed below.

Lost File Recovery
GetDataBack Simple was able to find all of the lost files stored on the hard disk drive (HDD), but fell slightly short on the solid-state drive (SSD) where it missed 26 percent of our picture files. Otherwise it found all of our lost Office documents, videos and music files on these two drives.

We ran into issues when trying to scan the microSD card. GetDataBack Simple found no files there. We even tried rescanning the device with the recommended GetDataBack for FAT add-on, but our zero return results remained unchanged.

Files Recovered from Reformatted Drive
We were able to find roughly two-thirds of our files lost to reformatting on both a hard disk drive and a solid-state drive, but GetDataBack Simple was not able to find any of the files on our reformatted microSD.


GetDataBack showed great potential for recovering lost files and files from a reformatted hard drive from both SSD and HDD devices. However, it simply was not able to recover anything in any of our microSD tests.

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