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Speed Reader-X Review

PROS / Speed Reader-X offers unlimited user accounts.

CONS / The program lacks tachistoscope and comprehension exercises.

 VERDICT / With lifetime service upgrades and exercises that assess the comprehension and speed of readers from elementary to adult, this program is a good choice for educators.

Speed Reader-X is a speed reading software with a variety of exercises and tests that can help you gain the strength and skills to read anything more quickly. The software works for any age and is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

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The software lets you take an initial baseline speed assessment test to see your initial reading speed. As you progress through the set of exercises, you can gauge your progress through speed and comprehension tests. Besides aiming for a faster reading speed, it's important to make sure you retain the content of the material you read. Readers of any age or reading level can easily use this software.

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An important facet of learning to speed read is completing eye-training exercises. Speed Reader-X has a variety of these exercises, typically object-oriented, that can help increase your focus and field of vision, which, in turn, helps you read more words quickly.

Speed Reader-X comes with a good variety of eBooks that you can practice your speed-reading skills on with the online version. As you read through these texts in the practice area, you can manually adjust the display speed of the text or let it automatically increase as you progress. Additionally, you can customize the text font and size as well as the highlighting methods.

Depending on the exercise or test you choose to work on, the text is displayed differently. Sometimes it displays the full text, letting you click "Done" once you have finished reading it. Other times it only displays a few words at a time, but flashes them at a rapid pace. This variety trains your eyes and brain to have a more well-rounded capacity to read quickly and retain what you read.

Since the software allows access for multiple users, it works well for schools or other types of organizations that want to learn speed reading. All user accounts are password protected and feature both test score and word-per-minute speed tracking. Aside from this, however, there isn’t any report functionality.

One nice bonus about Speed Reader-X is that it comes with free software upgrades for life, ensuring that you are always working with and benefitting from the program's most recent version. There are built-in video tutorials and tips, but they are outdated and annoying to watch, though you can skip them. Should you need to contact the manufacturer’s customer support, you can do so via email.


Though Speed Reader-X lacks some reporting and text import options, it still provides people of any age or reading level with the tools needed to strengthen their eyes and learn how to read faster. It has multiple operating system and browser compatibility and allows an unlimited number of users to access it, which makes it a good deal for school or large organizations or even a single user.

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