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Astrology Software Reviews

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Astrology Software Review

Why Use Astrology Software?

Humans for thousands of years have consulted the stars for direction and insight, using techniques that have been built by practiced astrologers. These techniques can take years for an individual to learn are now available for anyone to practice thanks to astrology software. Even if all you know is your horoscope sign, the astrology software titles in our review are powerful yet easy to use. Whether you’re looking for astrology charts, creation tools, report writers or lessons in astrology, astrology software does it all. For beginners and advanced practitioners alike, the titles in our review will guarantee a fascinating discovery process.

Astrology software can include dozens of features, tools and bonus abilities you’ve likely never heard of. We looked at the main features included in most astrology software: Chart tools, astrology lessons, interpretative reports, classic House calculations, atlases, various Zodiacs, fixed star information and whether the software calculates in the Medieval technique. We've also included must-read articles on astrology software, as well as comprehensive reviews to help you find the right software for you, including our three top-rated titles: Solar Fire Gold, Janus 4.3 and Kepler.

Astrology Software: What to Look For

The astrology software we reviewed is ideal for beginners and advanced astrologers, and they take the tedious work out of creating detailed astrological predictions and charts. Astrology has long been of favorite pastime of many, and astrology software makes it fun and easy to discover more about a certain person, or to look ahead to future events. TopTenREVIEWS used the following criteria to evaluate the astrology software included in our review:

We kept our focus on the essential features in astrology software, including chart creation tools and report writers (one or more) to help interpret your charts; a hugely important feature for beginners. We also looked for Astro-maps, Swiss Ephemeris Calculations, Natal Aspect Grids, Compatibility Grids and Declination.

Chart Tools
The process of creating an astrological chart is an art form and a task requiring precise calculations. We looked for the most important tools required to create and interpret a chart, whether for clients, family or friends. The best astrology software includes single, bi and tri wheels, Natal, Transit, Progressed, Compatibility and Relocation reports, Wheel Designer and Lunar Return Charts. We also looked for whether asteroids were displayed on charts, and if customized chart displays were an option.

Each astrology software package has its own treasure trove of extras that make each unique. We looked for the most sought-after extras by consumers: Animated Maps, Eclipse Maps, Astrology Encyclopedia, Zodiac and Planet Symbol Charts, Moon Nodes, import/export capabilities, printing capabilities and our personal favorite, whether the software provided pop-up interpretations of the chart; a helpful, timesaving feature.

Help & Support
Great customer service should be a hallmark feature of a quality software manufacturer. Both phone and email should be available as contact options. Additionally, a user manual and FAQs should also be available on the manufacturer’s site or included with the software.

You can be sure the astrology software in our review is the best in the world of professionally designed astrology software. You'll find powerful chart features that would make the Mayans seethe in jealousy and interpretative reports written by world-renowned astrologers. Astrology software transforms a once tedious task into an enjoyable pastime.

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