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Best Greeting Card Software

What Can You Do With Greeting Card Software?

We spent more than 40 hours testing nine greeting card programs to compare ease of use, artistic features, sharing abilities and text options. Print Artist Platinum is our favorite because it’s easy to use and offers the most templates. You also get lots of text and photo editing tools so you can design the perfect greeting card, as well as numerous other projects such as tote bags, business cards, banners and party bags.

Print Artist Gold is the best budget program. It doesn't give you as many features as the top product, but it has thousands of graphics and font effects while costing much less than other software. You can easily share your creations with others, whether through YouTube, Facebook or personal email. You can even create digital greeting cards complete with sound to send to your loved ones.

Hallmark Card Studio can help you write sympathetic cards for sensitive situations. If you cannot think of the right thing to say to someone experiencing loss or pain, this software provides plenty of written ideas that you can change to match your own personal tone of voice. It also gives you etiquette tips so you know how to respond to certain life events. This is inexpensive software that provides thousands of stylish graphics and templates for you to use. If you want more templates and graphics, you can also purchase Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe.

In case you prefer to work on a Mac, many of the software publishers we reviewed have a Mac-specific version of their software to help you create custom cards for any occasion. See our reviews of the best Mac greeting card software to discover which Mac card-making software is right for you.

Greeting Card Software: What We Evaluated, What We Found

For variety, it is good to seek out greeting card programs with a generous selection of templates and great instructions to guide you in making cards. Most greeting card software, like Greeting Card Factory, is so easy to use and intuitive that you will be an expert card creator in no time.

One purpose of a greeting card is to mark life’s milestones, such as birthdays, baptisms and anniversaries. Most programs come with expressions of sympathy, congratulations and wishes for religious holidays. Top-quality greeting card makers also include templates for nontraditional topics such as congratulations for job promotions, sympathy for the loss of a pet, and encouragement for when someone is feeling down.

Once you start making greeting cards, you might also enjoy sending cards for no particular reason, so a good selection of "thinking of you" types of cards is important. You can certainly get creative with the design-your-own options to make customized greeting cards that could easily become cherished keepsakes for the recipients.

Many greeting card applications, such as The Print Shop, let you do far more than just create a greeting card. You can create customized stationery with equally personalized envelopes, iron-on designs for aprons and T-shirts, calendars for yourself and others, and even all the paper goods for a party, including hats, favor bags, invitations, place cards and labels.

Important Features: Text & Photo Editing Options

The best greeting card software gives you the ability to create any kind of card and offers design tools that make it easy to use. These tools can include templates, clip art, photographs, and different card themes and styles. For those times when you know what you are feeling but are at a loss for words, some greeting card software offers writing samples of what to say and even etiquette tips on how to tactfully word a card that marks a sensitive time, such as a condolence card.

After you have written what you want to say, you can have fun with the way it looks when you plunge into making your own creations with card design software. You can experiment with text editing tools that let you do things like put text on a curve, add drop shadows, change colors and fonts, and position the words exactly where you want them on your card.

You can let your imagination run freely with photos, since quality greeting card software usually comes with prepackaged photos that you can use, or you can import your own pictures and then edit them to perfection. With most applications, you can enlarge, reduce, crop and flip images. The more advanced software lets you eliminate flaws, add special effects, change the focus and adjust the tone of a photo.

What Else to Look For in Greeting Card Software

Sharing Options
After you have completed the process of creating a pretty, humorous, sentimental or whimsical greeting card, the next step is to share it. The best greeting card software offers numerous options to make this part go smoothly, including mail merge for mass send-outs, eCards, or paper printouts to send through the post office. There also are applications that permit you to upload your creations directly to Facebook or YouTube.

Some software lets you add your voice, music and other sounds to enhance your card with greetings of your own. For example, you can warble your own rendition of "Happy Birthday" to the recipient.

Help & Support
Software support should be easy to locate and understand. You likely will want a user manual, FAQs, and email and phone contact information in case you ever run into difficulties and need answers about your software. It is also helpful if the manufacturer offers live chat for quick answers to questions, as well as tutorials to help you get started.

Printing your own cards at home can be a great way to save time and money, as you don’t have to wait for a custom card to ship to your home from an online graphic design service. The quality of your printer is something to take into consideration as well if you plan on printing a lot during the year. Check out our reviews and comparisons for inkjet printers, all-in one printers and laser printers to find the best printer for your card making needs.

Contributing Reviewer: Rebecca Spear