Pros / This is compatible with SketchUp, which lets you import your own photos.

Cons / There are times when you try to place an object into your design and it will “float” above the floor when you see it in 3D.

 Verdict / This software does not have every tool that higher-priced versions possess, but it does contain important ones and it is reasonably priced.

TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Deluxe is not the most advanced interior decorating software, but it is equipped with all the tools you need to create, organize and decorate a stunning new interior for your home, and it comes at an affordable price.

If you are new to home interior design, you can embark on your creation immediately using the handy QuickStart function that lets you click on rooms, then drag and drop to arrange rooms as you please. You can also start with one of the 45 built-in sample plans that you can edit and change as you please. If you prefer, you can import a photo of your own with SketchUp so you are designing with the property you already own.

This software gives you the benefit of many ways to view your design on-screen so you know how it will look in real life, and certainly before you hammer a single nail or pull up an inch of carpeting. One of our favorite parts of the program is the lighting recreations, which offer realistic views by including sunlight, shadows, ambient light and more. The dollhouse-style view will let you see the layout from above as though your home had no roof. This is not one of the products that has wireframe or glass-house views that allow you to see through walls and into your virtual home, though, which can be helpful for some projects. However, the views you get are certainly helpful as far as envisioning what a completed renovation would look like.

This interior design software uses its cost estimation feature to gauge the approximate cost of materials you will need to make your creation come alive. This spares you a dull, but certainly necessary, chore and even though you are getting estimated costs, this can help immensely if you are committed to a certain budget. This software also keeps track of the measurements of rooms, doorways and more, automatically, as you readjust them.

You get a generous library of items, more than 4,700 of them, to build and stock your online design. However, several programs we reviewed offer even more objects - like our top pick Virtual Architect Ultimate. A nice extra with this virtual interior design application is the Build Green button to offer environmentally friendly advice as you progress through your project. This software takes it even a step further with green objects in the library, including bamboo flooring, recycled glass surfaces and others. Another great benefit is the inclusion of landscaping tools. These give you the ability to plan decks, yards, garden plots and other elements at the same time you’re doing internal renovations.

An exact color match is important when you’ll be looking at your home's new interior every day, for years to come. This interior decorating software has a wide selection that includes name-brand colors too, so if you saw the perfect paint chip in a store, you can incorporate it into your digital design before you pick up a paintbrush.

One drawback to this otherwise helpful software is the fact that when you are placing objects into your design, some can appear to be floating above the floor when you view them in 3D. This is annoying and can mar the view you undoubtedly want of your remodeled home. During our testing, we also found the drag and drop feature did not work

You get only a few customer support options, but the information included in the software is excellent. This is equipped with more than 100 video tutorials, so you can learn to easily maneuver through this software and make what you want. If you have problems, you can call the company and there are helpful community forums for troubleshooting, but you do not get a FAQs section on the website and there is no live chat.

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  • Object Library
  • Sample Plans
  1. The number of objects, such as flooring options, furniture and light fixtures that come standard with the program.
    More is Better.
  2. 5  TurboFloorPlan Home & Landscape Deluxe
    4700.0 Objects
  3. 7500.0 Objects
  4. 6500.0 Objects
  5. 4700.0 Objects
  6. Category Average
    4670.0 Objects


TurboFloorPlan 3D Deluxe lacks a few customer support extras like FAQs and live chat, and the floating image problem can be troublesome. However, this does include some excellent options for your home renovation projects. The in-program advice on environmentally friendly design and green building materials is certainly helpful, the library is well-stocked with items to include in your virtual design and you can learn plenty from the many video tutorials. This affordable software includes all the basic tools for your virtual design.

TurboFloorPlan Home & Landscape Deluxe 2017 Visit Site

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