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Pros / This software has thousands of objects in its database, more than any other product we reviewed.

Cons / The drag-and-drop tool takes a little getting used to.

 Verdict / With a vast object library, realistic 3D imagery and a relatively easy learning curve, this is a great program for creating a well-designed kitchen.

TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Home Designer Interiors is rich in features, objects and ideas for renovating or remodeling your kitchen exactly as you want. With this program, you can pick and choose from three databases of objects, so you can fill your kitchen with terrific amenities and design it with flair. This kitchen design software’s plethora of objects, overall ease of use, versatility and excellent tools earn it our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

  • Object Library Size
  1. Object libraries contain flooring options, light fixtures and window coverings.
    More is better
  2. 2  Home Designer Interiors
    6500.0 objects
  3. 7500.0 objects
  4. 4700.0 objects
  5. Category Average
    4216.5 objects

Room Design

Home Designer Interiors is the only kitchen design program we reviewed that is compatible with both SketchUp and Trimble 3D Warehouse object databases. This means you have access to the 6,500 plus objects built in to the software as well as thousands more included in the third-party databases. With so many choices, you can let your creativity flourish.

The library has everything you need to equip a kitchen, including sinks, cabinets and appliances – there are almost 100 cabinet styles alone. There is also a notable selection of stone, tile and granite surfaces for your floors as well as light fixtures and switch plates. The design library has 3D houseplants and kitchen appliances you can position on your virtual countertops, in addition to decorative backsplashes and crown molding.

You add objects to your design using the drag-and-drop tool, which was not as easy to use as those in other applications. For one thing, you can only use it in the 2D mode, and when you do, you can’t simply put your cursor on something and move it. Instead, you choose the object you want and then click where in the design you want it. It may take a little time to master using the tool, but overall, this software is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Home Designer Interiors has tools for designing windows and doors, and there is a materials paintbrush that allows you to choose wall colors, textures and coverings. The program also offers an array of cabinet styles in its library, and it has convenient tools to manipulate them. You can use the Center Objects Tool to anchor cabinets under windows, dormers and other architectural features.

This software helps you plan HVAC, plumbing and electrical configurations. You can insert symbols for outlets and work out how they need to connect so your kitchen is both stylish and functional. It’s a good idea to run extensive changes to plumbing and electrical systems by a professional, though, to ensure they pass building codes in your municipality.

Planning & Construction

If you don’t plan on changing your kitchen's basic layout, you can import your existing floor plan into Home Designer Interiors, and it will recreate it digitally. In addition, you can trace over the lines in floor plans or blueprints to recreate different features you want in your design. This quickly gets the basics out of the way so you can start redesigning your cabinets and other elements.

This program also makes it easy to recreate your kitchen's floor plan from scratch – especially with its automatic dimensioning tools. As you digitally draw your kitchen walls, the software shows exact measurements, and they change as you make walls longer or shorter.

Using this software, you can enter the exact dimensions of objects like appliances, cabinets and countertops. This is useful because it allows you to measure the amount of each material you need – for example, how many square feet of hardwood you need for your floors or granite for your countertops. There is also a cost estimation feature that takes the materials list and generates a price estimate.

You can create a beautiful kitchen using the software's 3D view and design tools. The program has a 3D walkthrough feature, which lets you preview your kitchen design as if you were strolling through the room itself, and you can see a realistic rendering of your final design from different angles. The dimension and depth perspective gives you a much better idea of the finished product’s aesthetics than flat 2D drawings or blueprints. You can even see where shadows will fall with Home Designer's light recreation capabilities.

After you finish your design, you can export it in DXF and DWG formats so an architect or contractor can examine it, perhaps suggest changes and make plans to begin construction.

Help & Support

The software’s website has video tutorials to help guide you as well as community forums and a FAQs section to find answers to various questions. If you still can’t find answers to your questions, you can always call the company or use its helpful live chat feature.


This 3D kitchen planner has a great selection of the design tools you need to create a beautiful kitchen, and it is easy to use. It comes with practical planning features, like those for electrical layouts, and aesthetic features such as a vast database of objects that includes cabinets, appliances and countertops. Home Designer Interiors’ practical and artistic tools combine to give you everything you need to plan an extensive kitchen remodeling project.

Home Designer Interiors 2017 Visit Site