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Pros / This software has an extensive set of project management features.

Cons / It lacks a few of the standard organizing tools, like a password manager and an address book.

 Verdict / Regardless of the software’s advanced task management tools and capabilities, you can still navigate and use MyLifeOrganized with ease due to its clean interface and helpful support options.

MyLifeOrganized has a strong focus on task management, making it easy to organize major projects or life goals. The planner software outlines your projects and goals in a tree-like structure. Once you have created outlines, you can break down your goals and projects into smaller tasks and input them into the software as subtasks. You can create smaller to-do items under each subtask and assign priority levels so you can see how to manage your time. MyLifeOrganized will generate a to-do list for you after you put in projects and goals, which is particularly helpful in motivating you to begin large projects.

Along with being able to create a clear path to achieving your goals, this personal organizer software also helps you incorporate your daily to-do lists. When you add appointments, birthdays and important dates to the software, you can receive reminders for those events. You have to select the appropriate time that you want to be reminded of these events, and a reminder will pop up when it's time to complete the task. This organizer software also lets you set up reminder emails when it is time to work on a task or head off to an appointment. You also can easily reschedule tasks by dragging and dropping them on a new date and time, as well as setting up recurring events for the meetings or tasks you have to complete regularly.

If you are looking for a central location where you can jot down quick notes you don't want to lose, MyLifeOrganized provides a special notes section just for this purpose. While it does not have a built-in journal, you can use this tool to write down your thoughts. While the personal information manager offers an extensive task management system and planner, it does not have an address book or designated area to keep contact information. It also lacks a password manager.

In order to protect your data, this software is password protected. You can also back up your data manually or set it up to automatically back up your data.

This organization software has iOS and Android apps, and it automatically syncs your data to the cloud so you can access your information on any platform. However, the software does require a cloud subscription fee to sync your data to its cloud. If you want to avoid paying extra fees, you can use the associated Android and iOS app so that you can access your data from multiple devices. However, you have to sync your devices each time you make any changes. For those who like to use a variety of different software applications, this personal organizer also gives you the ability to export your data into an XML file so that it can be uploaded to different calendars or spreadsheets.

MyLifeOrganized offers an email address, user guide, list of FAQs and user forums all on its website to provide you with the information you need to use the software. Unfortunately, the company does not list a technical support phone number; however, the technical support team is quick to respond to emails.

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MyLifeOrganized has extensive project management tools you can use to organize your personal and professional life. While these advanced capabilities help you efficiently manage your time and tasks, the software lacks standard tools like an address book and password manager. If you are looking for software to help you complete projects and achieve your goals, this organizing software is a good option.

MyLife Organized 4.3.3 Visit Site