The EditorPlus embroidery software, together with the Bernina embroidery machine for which it was created, helps you create intricate accents for all types of accessories. Whether you want to incorporate existing imagery or create something entirely new for your design, EditorPlus was designed to be able to bring those ideas into reality.

A suite of sophisticated design tools, including a color wheel that enables you to see a design in several different color options instantly, unite to give you a fantastic amount of control over the finished product. Using the included CorelDraw Essentials illustration tools, you can draw a design by hand, add digital effects to an existing design or overlay shapes and text. The automatic digitizing feature allows an embroidery pattern to be created out of many different types of visual media. This means that you can take any digital image, from a variety of popular formats, and convert it to an embroidery pattern that you can then have the machine apply.

In fact, the software is so thorough as to be quite intimidating at first glance. Luckily, the company’s sleek website is packed full of tutorials that detail exactly what can be done with the EditorPlus package and how to achieve the desired end results. Thread color, stitch selection and size can all be altered to ensure that the final product is exactly as imagined. There are tutorials for learning how to create PunchWork, StumpWork and multihoop design options. Finished files can be saved to a USB drive or sent directly to the machine to begin the process of creating the design.

It bears reiterating that proprietary design is a bit of a complication with Bernina. The software is designed for use only with Bernina sewing and embroidery machines, and it is native only to Windows operating systems.

The software is not cheap, but the ornate and intricate embroidery that can be achieved and applied to clothing, quilts, pillows, and virtually every other type of textile imaginable, justifies the price tag.

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