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Photo Album Software Review

Why Photo Album Software?

Weddings, births, graduations, vacations, class reunions. Memories tied with emotion are those we remember the most. When recalling a time of happiness, admiration, strength, personal victory or love, memories surge through, letting us relive those special moments again and again. Over time, however, dates, times and important details can be forgotten. With photo album software, every thought, memory and joyous feeling can be preserved forever in the pages of a photo book.

Right now, you could type "photo album" into your favorite search engine and be bombarded with services that allow you to create photo albums online. While online photo book services can be convenient, we believe photo album software allows for a more hands-on approach to preserving your favorite memories. With this software such as MyMemories Photobook Studio, MemoryMixer 3 and Picaboo, your imagination is the only limitation. Create photo book memories for every occasion with this software; page after page of material can be passed on to your posterity.

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Photo Album Software: What to Look For

When searching for the perfect photo book software, look for the designing and editing features that are key in creating your ideal pages. Using photo book software will allow you to personally add every embellishment, word, sparkle and paper pattern.

When using this kind of software some features are an absolute must, such as:

- Project templates
- A photo editor
- An album Organizer
- Photo Embellishments
- A book-style preview
- Varying text options

These features add dimension and that much needed pizzazz and personalization to your pages that online album services do not provide. When testing photo book software, we had an absolute blast embellishing, using all of the features and letting our imaginations run wild.

Once you have completed your photo book, sharing your pages with family and friends is the next exciting step. MyMemories Photobook Studio allows you to email your completed book; however, it will not be sent as a book but as individual pages. This photo album software also gives you the options to print at home, have the pages professionally bound and shipped, or to save them as JPEG files.

Ease of Use
Compiling the perfect photos for various occasions and capturing the emotions of the moment can be time consuming, but the task is definitely enjoyable. Once the initial process is completed, it is time to create a photo book to house these exceptional recollections. The very last thing you want when crafting a photo book full of blissful emotions is to muddle the joy with frustration because the software is not functioning correctly. Because finding an application that is easy to use is essential, we chose two fantastic software packages due to their ease of use. When time is not wasted worrying about functionality, you can focus on designing each page to capture the essence of the event.

Help and Support
Features are fantastic, they really are, but when a photo collage software advertises a feature that you cannot figure out how to use, then that special aspect of the software is really not that special. When inspecting and contemplating our side-by-side comparison of photo album software, don't forget to compare the help and support options for our software. Both products have a user manual that can be found on the manufacture's website, a technical support telephone number and a contact email. Because each product is so easy to use and understand, you may never need any of these support options, but having these options is one less thing consumers will need to worry about when weaving their tapestry of memories.

Special events and vacations come and go, but memories should last a lifetime. Preserve yours today with photo album software.