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MyMemories Suite Review

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PROS / Help and support is exceptional, and initial software setup is a breeze.

CONS / There is no keyboard shortcut (control 'Z') for the undo function.

 VERDICT / MyMemories Suite 5 is an exceptional product for all memory-keeping occasions.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top Photo Album Software here.

MyMemories Suite

MyMemories Suite 5 is delightfully addicting, bringing the essential and adding the wonderful. 

Quality & Services

Our days are all hectic and busy and, by the end of the day, we scream for a relaxing reprieve. We definitely recommend forgetting your work day and immersing yourself in reminders of joyful times and special days with MyMemories Suite 5. This photo album software is quite addicting and, when you're absorbed in the task of photo book making, time passes quickly by. We thoroughly enjoyed testing this product's intuitive design features and creating several photo books.

When sifting through the massive list of features, we discovered that, although the primary focus of this software is to create precious photo books, it could also be used in creating other ventures, such as:

  • History, science or senior projects for high school students
  • A grandparent brag book filled with darling pictures of grandchildren to "ooh" and "aah" over
  • A cook book filled with delicious secret family recipes to be passed down and around

The possibilities for this photo album software really are as limitless as your imagination. If you can dream it, you can do it.

MyMemories Suite 5 has so many wonderful features that offer boundless possibilities. We first chose to create a photo book from a designer template and were blown away by almost 50 templates to choose from, organized in classic, family, and holiday themes. Every template is a different size and page count, each with its own individual design within the theme. If, when delving into your project's paper choices, you are not satisfied with the designs provided, navigate your way to MyMemories.com where you can purchase additional page and embellishment packs. If you are not interested in making additional purchases, the website also has a "freebies" section where select designer paper and embellishments packs can be downloaded for no extra charge.

With its lengthy list of features, choosing a favorite is a difficult task. But, after using it in every single page created for our albums, the "color picker" has won our hearts and is definitely our esteemed feature. Have you recently gone on vacation to Hawaii and been entranced by the fiery sunsets, or Costa Rica with its alien greens or Montana with its endless blue sky? All of these vivid colors can be brought into your page's background or text with this matching tool. The picker does just what its name implies, picking specific colors out of your photos to use on the album page itself. The idea is a simple one, but oh so brilliant.

For avid scrapbookers out there, creating pages with the photo album software is very similar to creating physical scrapbook pages. Every element added builds layer upon layer. For example, we created a page paying homage to babies, because, well, they are adorable and a lot of photo album software consumers may create one as well. This baby book needed to be cute – darling in fact. We began building the page with the paper. MyMemories Suite 5 has overindulged in its paper choices, which was fine with us. Then we were ready to add embellishments and text. Sifting through flowers, ribbons and buttons, we added all details and text. Layer upon layer, our baby page had achieved the goal: darling beyond belief.

MyMemories knows that we all make mistakes, but when creating a photo book that will hold precious memories for years to come, mistakes need to be kept to a bare minimum. Rushing to our aid, MyMemories has made sure its photo album software included features that help minimize mistakes such as page guides and grids.

When laying out your photo book, every inch counts. Planning to order an 8x10 or 5x7 booklet? Under the "View" tab, the grid function can be used to block off sections of your page according to which size you are ordering. Also, if you are creating a photo book from scratch (opting out of the designer template option), grid lines are helpful in aligning and spacing photos correctly.

If you choose to add text to your photo books, MyMemories Suite 5 has an option to check your entire album or individual pages for spelling and other grammatical errors.

Book Options

There are several steps that must be completed in order to create the perfect photo album with this software. We will take you through the ease of use of each step.

Setup: The setup process went flawlessly and took all of five minutes. Once the album software's CD was placed in the PC's drive and the "setup wizard" window popped up, the application and its associated files were effortlessly Easy, easy, easy.

Design: When the photo album software is first opened, an info window appears asking users if they would like to begin a project from a designer template or create pages entirely on their own. We tried both scenarios and were amazed at the simplicity in creating pages that looked professionally done. Our images were already imported into the software, so we were able to simply open the albums and place them either in the predesigned template or wherever felt natural. Even with the templates, photos can be resized to make that template work for your photos. We found MyMemories Suite 5 so easy to use, in fact, that we suggest letting your children or grandchildren use the photo album software as well to create gifts for their friends and family.

Ordering: Every page has been filled and scrutinized for flaws. Now, it is time to take the digital pages and turn them into a photo book to be cherished for years to come.

Navigate to the "Share Album" tab located in the control panel and select the photo book option. From here, you choose the size and album material and upload the book to the MyMemories webpage where it can be viewed in total book form. If any changes need to be made to the book, simply return to the photo album software, make the changes and update the photo book in the MyMemories shopping cart.

We awarded MyMemories Suite 5 a perfect four for ease of use because every step in the album-making process was extremely easy and, because of this, highly enjoyable.

Album Creation

The initial processes of creating a photo album demands decisions be made about photo layout, book binding material and the desired size. Taking the time to choose the perfect layout may take a few minutes for some and many minutes for others. Selecting the perfect hodgepodge of ideas and moving to the actual design and photo-fill phase is exciting. When an error message pops up, however, the excitement fizzles. This scenario did indeed happen when testing this photo album software. Navigating to the "contact us" link of the MyMemories' website, we filled out a support ticket with our plight detailed to technical support and were told that an answer would arrive within 24 hours. Within several hours, an email was sent with information regarding the error message and how to fix it. Sure enough, the technical support representative's advice was helpful and correct. Problem fixed, and we moved on.

Beyond the email technical support, MyMemories also offers telephone support, FAQs and tutorials. Also on the software's website is an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-understand user manual spilling over with useful information.


MyMemories Suite 5 is the perfect photo album software for creating photo books filled with memories and wishes for the future. We were extremely impressed with the feature list and choices of design elements. Tried and tested, we know you will love every minute you spend using this photo album software.

MyMemories Suite