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How to Burn a CD on a Mac

These days, CDs are retro-tech, provoking feelings of nostalgia for the days when music and software came on them. But even today, there might be times when you need to burn a CD with your Mac. If you

Five Things Every Slideshow Should Have

Just like cooking up a fabulous dish, slideshows require just the right combination of ingredients to make them a savory experience instead of a bland and boring event. The following are five key elem

DVD Copying for Dummies

DVD copying can be confusing to some individuals while others don't seem to be bothered by it. If you are one of those people that need a little extra help. Here are a couple of steps that you can fol

Best Video Production Services Review

Whether you want to promote a successful brand or build one around a business plan, video production services provide specialized talent to help with development. Options include Visually, E Video Pro

Best Professional Photo Editing Software Review

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a serious enthusiast, post-processing and organizing are an essential part of photography. As digital resolution improves, the file size of photos i

How to Convert MP3 to MIDI & MIDI to MP3

Music producers, songwriters and composers rely on MIDI technology to help them musically express what they want to in their tracks. MIDI, which stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, lets y

5 Witty Sound Effects to Add to Your MP3s

You’re an audiophile, and now that you’ve found the perfect MP3 software to help you manage your audio collection, you want to start playing around with editing some of your tracks. Whethe

Creating the Best Wedding Song Playlist

Weddings can be expensive – American couples spend more than $32,000 on average. You can save money by taking on some of the duties yourself, though. Thanks to the creativity and resourcefulness

Clip Art - When It's Illegal

It's a dilemma that small business owners face daily. Where do you find quality clip art images licensed for business use? How can you tell if an image is legal to use in a given situation? Which laws

Burn CDs for Free

The ability to burn both data and audio CDs has been around for a couple of decades now. In fact, you can find most of the tools to burn or copy CDs either in your computer's operating system or in fr

Video Converter Software Runners-up

There are dozens of video converter applications available on the market today. In our review, we rated and ranked the 10 best products. However, there are others that may be worth your consideration.

Top Ten Reviews Best Websites for Free Sound Clips

As music download services, like iTunes and Rhapsody, have become popular on the Internet, finding the right song has become a lot easier. But it’s still difficult to find good clips, quotes and

Music and Audio Formats for PowerPoint and other Multimedia

You’ve found the perfect sound effect for your presentation, but it won’t play. Or maybe you’ve got the best song for your home video but your software won’t import it. These problems are more common

Video Editing Guide for Beginners

Early directors edited film simply by starting and stopping their cameras. When they wanted to switch to a new scene or angle, they stopped their cameras, pointed them in the right direction, and star

Is DVD Copying Legal?

One of the biggest debates between the public and the recorded music industry is whether or not creating backup copies of personal CDs and DVDs using a DVD copy software application is legal. Manufact

Photo Piles to Photo Files

It is hard enough to organize piles of hundreds of family photographs, but with today’s digital cameras, it is not uncommon to have thousands of photos to manage. A good photo organizing program can b

Long-Term Print Preservation

Original prints are extremely sensitive to temperature, humidity, light and touch. Fortunately, with modern photo organizing methods we no longer have to worry about losing our images, since CDs are l

The Five Best DVD Rippers for Mac

Whether you’re going on a trip and want the ease of watching movies from your MacBook or are just looking for a way to back up some of your favorite movies, DVD rippers make storing DVD content on you

How to Rip a DVD on a Mac

Whether you prefer to watch your DVDs on your computer, laptop or your tablet, when you rip a DVD to your Mac, you create a convenient digital copy. Fortunately, the process does not require advanced

What is Resolution? DPI, PPI and Megapixels

Resolution is a concept that continues to baffle even graphic artists. In the context of editing photos, resolution is a measurement of the output quality of an image. The most common units to measure

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