Pros / This software has built-in decryption and burning tools so the entire conversion process can take place without having to rely on a third-party application.

Cons / It’s sparse on the customization options, though it does have some options for keeping or retaining bonus material.

 Verdict / DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter does exactly what its name indicates with ease, speed and precision.

As of March 2014, this product is no longer available in the United States.

When it comes to Blu-ray to DVD converters, no product performs as advertised like DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter. This application has a simple, intuitive interface that is accessible to all users despite your level of technical knowledge or computer savvy. In addition to its powerful conversion tools, DVDFab has built-in decryption and burning capabilities. These features alone earned it a spot in our review of the best Blu-ray to DVD converter software.

When you launch DVDFab, the first thing you’ll notice is the application’s recently revamped interface. The latest version of DVDFab (DVDFab 9) makes some marked improvements in both the look and feel of the software. Previous versions of DVDFab were easy to use by average users and DVDFab 9 improves on aspects such as graphic design, workflow and stability. The result is an application that is powerful, useful and intuitive.

What we like most about DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter is the fact that it removes copy protections as well as or better than all the products on our side-by-side comparison chart. It breaks the encryptions found on commercial DVDs in the background without notifying you that it is even happening. This has the effect of creating a seamless experience. Lesser applications require you to download third-party software or install an additional add-on to break copy protections.

The ripping and converting process is also seamless. In fact, after inserting the Blu-ray disc and selecting the task you want performed, there is little for you to do to while DVDFab copies movies files onto your hard drive. Once that is done, the software ejects the copied disc and asks you to insert a recordable DVD into the drive. Once that is accomplished, DVDFab automatically begins burning the converted movie files onto the new disc. When that is done, you have a DVD movie that you can watch using nearly any DVD player.

This whole process takes less than an hour for most Blu-ray to DVD conversions. You likely won’t have any problems whatsoever, but there may be times when you will require technical support. DVDFab has a wealth of online resources that can help you with whatever issues you may come across. This support comes in the form of forums, email support and FAQs. The majority of potential problems will be taken care of by these features found on DVDFab’s website.

There were some omissions that kept DVDFab out of the award winning spots in our review of the best Blu-ray rippers, all of which have to do with customization. DVDFab has no editing features and doesn’t perform batch conversions. These may be superfluous features if you simply want a direct copy of what’s on your Blu-ray discs. However, more advanced users will want more personalization of the discs they create.

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There’s not much to complain about with DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter. It’s simple, fast and effective. Nearly all users will be able to utilize this software with no problems and the quality of the end product is quite good. There is some room for improvement in the customization area, but that should not dissuade you from having a good experience with this application.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Copy Features

Rips Content From Disc
Removes Copy Protection
Removes Region Codes
Extracts Images and Audio
Built-in Video Editor

Help & Support


Conversion Features

Convert to Multiple Formats
Pause Conversion
Adjust Video Effects
Adjust Aspect Ratio
Batch Conversion

Operating Systems

Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP

Disc Creation Features

Menu Support
Customize Bonus Material
Upload to Internet
Burns to DVD(+/-)R(W)
Burns to DVD(+/-)R Dual Layer