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Mac Publishing Software Reviews

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Mac Publishing Software Review

Why Mac Publishing Software?

Macs have surged in popularity among the youth of today for a variety of factors. One major market are the young graphic designers who utilize the Mac processing speed and wide screens to push design as we know it forward. But, if you didn’t get a degree in matching pixels and choosing fonts, what are you left with? With the increasing use of Macs at home and in business, not every Mac user is ready for high-end professional design software. That's where Mac publishing software comes in; delivering professional results from an easy to use (not to mention affordable) publishing suite.

These programs were created with a bevy of design templates you can use or create your own, churning out everything from greeting cards to business cards; banners to menus; and letterhead to mailing labels. For others, these programs are great for creative hobbies. Not only does designing become easier with these programs, but it becomes more fun. As you develop your knowledge of and become comfortable with the program of your choice, you think of new projects around the corner, adding a little flair here or there. Whether you're publishing for business or pleasure, Mac publishing software is a great way to go.

Publishing Software Program for Macs: What to Look For

All the programs reviewed here do pretty much the same thing. However, each program presents different options and means to making your next project look great. Some programs offer a wide array of tools. Others only offer a few, but allow you to alter each variable to make your project look exactly as you would like it. Here are the criteria we used in reviewing your next desktop design program:

Image Tools
These features vary from program to program. What did the developers decide you would need to make your project look great? Combining your personal photos and provided clip-art to use in the provided templates. Can you manipulate the images: stretch, warp, rotate and resize? Is the user able to make a project look as they envisioned with what has been provided?

Text Tools
Copy is essential in any project. Does the publishing program allow you to make your text more than simple words on a page? Can you choose different colors and fonts? Can you create word art or fill your text with images and photos?

Printing & Sharing
A project is great on your Mac, but it’s even better when you can print it off and share it with the world. What features did the developers include to make this task easy and effective, without using all your ink for a single project?

The preloaded design templates provide you with ideas and starting places to create your own content. Can these templates be manipulated themselves to create your own templates, or are they simply drag and drop receptacles of information and images?

Ease of Use
There is a reason we all don’t use the professional software available for Macs. You need a program that allows you to design and create without a massive learning curve. Do these programs make design on your Mac accessible and enjoyable?

Help & Support
If you run into a snag installing or using your program, where can you turn for help? You shouldn’t be designing in a vacuum; what avenues did the developers provide for you to seek answers to your questions?

If you’re a small business owner, school teacher, or creative crafter these programs will provide you with plenty of design opportunities. What you do with them is only limited by what you can devise with your Mac publishing software. See how the best Mac publishing programs stack up by reading our articles related to Mac publishing as well as our reviews of the top ranked products, iWork, Printfolio, and The Print Shop.

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