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MultiAd Creator Professional is a powerful page layout software series, but it does lack a few features you may be used to or want, such as the ability to customize and lock the workflow. MultiAd has amazing customer support, and you will like the available options for graphics, images and text. However, if you want something that is easier to use, consider other products for the best page layout software.

Once you open up the page designer software, you may begin to experience nostalgia. The layout has versions with the feel of a program released in the '90s. The tabs and ribbons are flat, and the menus won't lock into place. This is great if you don't mind moving your windows wherever you want, but we like having the ability to lock the windows in the workspace for a tidier working environment.

This layout design tool has plenty of options for implementing graphics and images. MultiAd has versions with a few options for creating shapes, but those are limited. You can create your own shapes using vectors, or lines. We are glad to see that the page layout design software lets you upload your own images as well, so you can have a little more freedom with your work. Once you have your graphics, MultiAd also has built-in effects and textures you can choose from, or you can upload your own.

This page layout software series is great if you are going to produce a document that is strictly text. The software comes preloaded with more than 100 fonts and more than 12 languages. Because there are so many fonts, the dropdown list is huge; you can't scroll through it, but you have to click the arrow every time you want to navigate the list.

The program generally features a text-along-path tool that lets you direct your text along graphics or lines, but it isn't as customizable as similar tools in other software we tested. We noticed that some text didn't line up perfectly with the shapes we were using, leaving more space between the text and the image.

Creator Professional has page layout design software with unmatched customer support. We received responses to our emails within a day's time. You can also navigate to the learning center where there are training materials, PDF tutorials, tech notes and FAQs. Tech notes include general information, how-to tips, and common issues and their solutions.

MultiAd Creator Professional page layout software is a good choice. It combines extensive text options with image-manipulation tools. You can add many effects and textures to both images and text, and you have the choice to work in 12 languages.