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The QuarkXPress series is a great choice for some of the best page layout software. These applications work with advertising, brochures, magazines, books and newspapers. With QuarkXPress, you can also create applications, digital magazines and eBooks for tablets. Features such as callouts and ImageGrid give you the tools to import grids that automatically move with the flow of your text. These applications are all about layout automation and allow you to design quickly and efficiently.

The interface of this page layout design software series is standard. You will find all the tools you need lining your workspace. The default layouts are easy to navigate. What does stand out with this software series is the layout automation. You can search for any item attributes, such as box colors, frames, text attributes and drop-shadows, to find wherever these items are, making it easy to adjust them without reading over every part of your project.

One feature we love about some versions of this software is that it allows you to divide a layout into components and send those components to multiple people. This makes it easy to edit multiple items, such as text, graphics and photographs, all at once. When you get all your edits back, you can easily import everything back into the same project without starting over or having to copy and paste changes manually.

These applications generally have all the tools you need to add depth to your layouts. You can make an image transparent, add drop shadows and even adjust the levels and curves. With photos, you'll have the option to also edit the brightness, color balance, hue and saturation. There are several fun, artistic filters you can add to your photos or graphics. And with the full-resolution preview button, you can choose to see the full detail of your work before you send it to be published.

QuarkXPress also offers some housekeeping tools for adding graphics. There is an automatic text runaround so that graphics won't interfere with your text and a repeat option so that you can duplicate items and adjust settings, such as the angle, shade and scale. With the layers option, you can usually put different items on separate, lockable layers.

The QuarkXPress series has an edge on competing applications with its typography features. Inside your projects, you can select the entire text, or just a few characters, and convert it to boxes. This can allow you to fill the boxes with colors, an image or even more text. One thing that sets creative samples apart from others is the ability to run text along a complex path, which versions of the QuarkXPress series do. You can arrange your text along any type of path. These can be circles, lines, wavelengths, or any graphic or design on your project. This feature is precise, and you can move your text one pixel at a time.

Story Editor is a new feature inside some versions from QuarkXPress. With this layout design tool, you can work with any of your text, regardless of whether it's in a graph format or in a long chain of paragraphs inside your project. After selecting your string of text or text boxes, a screen pops up that looks like a typical text format. Every change you make in Story Editor is applied to all text.

QuarkXPress has a solid stance among page layout software for Mac and Windows computers alike. If you are experienced with this type of application, you will find the interface simple and easy to follow, though there aren't always customization options. The graphics tools are a great way to edit photos and vector graphics. There are also plenty of ways to manipulate text through precision typography features, such as the ability to run text along paths you create.