Unlike many page layout design tools, The Print Shop series doesn't have a large learning curve when it comes to navigation. Large buttons to insert clipart, text, graphs and other images are generally located on the left panel, while different preloaded or downloadable designs are available on the right. The ribbon, which takes on a familiar appearance to other applications, gives you access to many extra tools and options to add effects to your projects.

The page displays all open windows and has a preview button. This preview takes away all the guidelines and shows you what your project will look like when it is published. This layout design tool also features ready-made guides and easy ways to create tables, just in case you don't want to use spreadsheet software.

The Print Shop has thousands of available art pieces in its gallery, some good, some cheesy. It's nice to have access to this many pieces of art, but the fact is we found this overwhelming and couldn't think of any situation in which you would ever need so many choices.

You can add any of your images to your projects and even touch up the photos. The Print Shop series has tools to autocorrect color and contrast, crop certain shapes, fix red eye in photos, and do spot fixes on blemishes and other facial features. We found that The Print Shop is one of the few developers of software with many photo-editing features that you would have to find in separate professional photo editing software.

This layout software has plenty of advanced text tools to help you improve any of your creations. The Print Shop series has more than 800 font styles. Although you will never need that many, you at least have plenty of options. You can choose to wrap text around objects and images. You can also choose from a variety of headline options.

The Print Shop series makes it easy to write in columns. If you have created a project with columns that offset each other, text easily flows from one column into the next without requiring you to take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse. Plus, you can set any columns you want to accept the same changes you make to a single column.

While there are better page layout software tools, it's hard to ignore The Print Shop series, especially if you are on a budget. The layout is simple, and there are several tools to let you add color correction and make other adjustments to your photos. The software comes with more than enough clipart and font options to accommodate your limitless creativity.

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