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Qustodio is our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner for parent control software. This website blocker makes the internet safer for you children with tools that help you keep tabs on what they look at, w

Norton Family

Norton Family is great parental control software that has advanced features to protect your child from internet dangers, whether they are on the family computer, a laptop or their smartphone. It is th


Surfie is parental software made by PureSight, and it has all the important internet control tools, including those for blocking websites, setting time limits and capturing messages. The program also

Adobe InDesign

InDesign is a professional desktop publishing program used by thousands of graphic designers and businesses. It offers some of the best layout options in the market including the ability to use snap-t

Audio Converter Software Review

Audio converters are the perfect solution for casual listeners and hardcore audiophiles alike. They solve compatibility issues between your music and your media player so you can keep rocking out to your favorite tunes.


If you need to convert a small number of audio files and aren’t in a hurry to do so, you may not need to pay for audio converter software. There are a plethora of free audio converters available


FileZigZag is a free audio converter tool that does not require you to download any software. The upside of using an online converter tool like FileZigZag, aside from it being free, is that you can us


Audials Tunebite Platinum 2017 adds to its impressive conversion capabilities by being the most comprehensive streamed-content recorder of the audio converters we tested. This software can record any

Cell Phone Parental Control Software Review

Cell phone monitoring and parental control software lets you keep track of your kids’ online activities on their smartphones so you can keep them safe and help them learn smart technology practices.


You can track a wide variety of information on your child’s smartphone with TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software as well as set alerts and access a few remote functions. This program generat

Mac Hard Drive Recovery Review

Whether you accidentally deleted a folder or lost files while upgrading to a new iOS, don't despair. Find out how to recover files with Mac hard drive recovery software here.


GEDitCOM II is quite different from the other genealogy software. This software works best for manipulating GEDCOM files rather than creating charts, family trees and notes like standard Mac genealogy


Most genealogy software tends to focus on family as a whole. You progress through your genealogy work by building family units and filling in the blanks for essential facts. iFamily focuses more


Reunion is genealogy software that creates extensive charts and reports about your family. You can connect to FamilySearch and other online databases through the software to search for family records.


MacFamilyTree finds a good balance between fun extra features and practical tools. This family tree software is compatible with OS X 7 and up. Its charting, search and media capabilities make it

Micromat Techtool

Micromat's Techtool Pro 9 offers Mac hard disk recovery software as part of its suite of computer maintenance programs. This comprehensive package is a good idea if you need a comprehensive program, b

Do Your Data Recovery

Do Your Data Recovery for Mac is simple Mac hard drive recovery software with a clean, intuitive interface and quick scan and recovery speeds. In our tests, it was one of the best for recovering media

Ontrack EasyRecovery

Kroll Ontrack EasyRecovery for Mac does an excellent job recovering lost data, matching the best Mac hard drive recovery software programs for salvaging nearly all types of data. Its only low score wa


Triumph, an audio editor formerly known as Wave Editor, has received a massive face-lift and rebrand. Audiofile, the creator of this Mac audio editor, made such massive changes to the previous audio e

Sound Studio

Sound Studio 4 is an audio editor with a customizable toolbar and plenty of editing tools. You can use this sound editor to record a single audio file, which works great for podcasts but not so well f

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