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Best Free Bug Tracking Software

When working with advanced software, you can encounter a barrage problems, and how you manage these issues is key. Bug tracking software manages and stores information about these issues. Programmers,

8 Ways to Stay Anonymous Online

You may worry about your personal information online and rightly so. The Pew Research Center reported that only 2 percent of adults are very confident that search engine providers keep their personal

How Secure Is Gmail? 7 Ways to Increase Security

With more than 1 billion monthly users, Gmail is one of the largest and most popular email service providers. With all types of information traveling between its users, security and privacy are of utm

Hardware Firewalls vs. Software Firewalls

You've heard that you need a firewall, but there are so many options. Software firewall? Hardware firewall? How do you know which is right for you? First of all, hardware is something you can see, li

Firewalls Block Computer Attacks

Back when dial-up internet was the fastest connection, we didn't worry about virus attacks, worms or Trojan horses. Today, however, we need protection. The following list describes attack methods that

Best Bug Tracking Software Review

Software development is a messy business. Your team has to identify, track, fix and test hundreds of bugs and issues. Bug tracking software organizes bugs, helps teams collaborate, and helps you manag

Best Enterprise VPN Services Review

Enterprise virtual private network (VPN) services create a secure connection between computers, or between computer networks, that spans already-existing internet infrastructure. In effect, an enterpr

Best Web Application Firewall Review

If you are a website owner, particularly if you deal with sensitive information, private emails or accept web-based payments, a web application firewall can help keep your site secure.  A WAF is

Best Mobile Device Management Software Review

Mobile device management software serves a variety of purposes. On the most basic level, it gives you an inventory of the devices on a corporate network. As technology progresses and we become more re

Best Parental Time Control Software Review

What Does Parental Time Control Software Do? Computers and the internet, despite the dangers, are useful tools that can provide a high level of entertainment and education. Sometimes it may be imprac

The Best Monitoring Software for iPhone

Apple iPhones have become so popular that even children and young adults now have them. The phones provide a way for parents to monitor their children in case of emergencies – the convenience alone of

Trail of Internet Footprints

While online, your computer has nonstop "conversations" with other computers. Records (or footprints) of these conversations remain behind. Trails marking your Internet activity are stored on servers

Spam Safety Tips

Spam is extremely frustrating for some individuals. If you are one of many trying to reduce the amount of spam in your inbox, the following guidelines can help. Encrypt eMail Addresses When you create

Plugins: Spyware, Adware, and Browsers

While you're surfing the Internet, a popup appears, inviting you to download free, automatic clock updates so you'll never have to set your computer clock again. Should you be wary? You bet! Often, at

Online Shopping Tips

With a few keystrokes you can purchase your next vacation, add to your investment portfolio or even buy your next vehicle online. Available 24/7 at home, e-commerce is both convenient and entertaining

Internet Safety Tips

Creating and following online safety guidelines can help make the Internet a safer experience for your family members. Place your computer in an open room with the monitor facing out. This allo

Identity Theft

A few years ago, I went online to buy an expensive camera at eBay. After locating the model I wanted at a bargain price from a reputable vendor, I emailed the seller, "Bob," to ask about alternate pay

Why You Need a Firewall

When you leave your home or car for a period of time, do you lock your doors? Of course. Doing so gives you a sense of security. Your property won't be an easy mark for thieves. The same is necessary

Best Free Proxy Servers

A proxy server creates a barrier between your internet-connected device and the rest of the world. You've probably heard experts warn that no internet activity remains anonymous, and while that is tru

The Best Android Monitoring Software

Most adults and many children carry smartphones with them wherever they go. They place calls, send text messages, find maps to destinations and surf the internet. Android monitoring software protects

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