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How Often Should You Defrag Your Computer?

Your computer grows more sluggish by the day, taking several seconds — or even a few minutes — to respond to your every mouse click. Before you rush out to the electronics store to purchase a brand ne

The 5 Best Free PC Cleaners

A PC cleaner removes junk data from your computer, allowing it to boot and run more efficiently. You can use a free PC optimizer to reduce program crashes and long wait times between program launches,

Screenshot Software vs. Screen Printing

In the days of DOS, screen printing was a quick way to transfer data off your screen and onto a piece of paper. But today, although the 'Print Screen' key still holds a permanent place on our collecti

11 Ways Screen Capturing Makes Life Better

Screen capture software can make life easier and more enjoyable; here are 11 of my favorite ways it does so: Improves Your Love Life Quickly capture your sweetheart's desktop wallpaper, add a roman

Preventative PC Medicine: System Utility Software

Following a schedule is a simple way to maintain the health of your computer, but the key is knowing how often and what kind of preventative maintenance your PC needs. PC system utilities have all the

Fix a Sick PC in Four Easy Steps

In a perfect world, you could visit the doctor, discuss your symptoms, and get the cure before you walk out the door. But real life is a different story; getting the right diagnosis can be exasperatin

Did You Know...PC System Performance Statistics

Before you invest in PC system utilities software, wouldn't you like to know exactly how it would improve your system-or in other words, how much can PC system utilities really speed up PC performance

Best Ways to Wipe a Hard Drive

Learning how to wipe a hard drive saves you from having to replace your entire computer. A wiped hard drive represents a clean slate; it's as though you purchased it new, with no data or information o

Are Memory Optimizers Worth It?

A memory optimizer helps your computer utilize its RAM more efficiently by speeding up its processes and allowing you to control how your computer consumes resources. While many experts debate the use

Do Macs Need To Be Defragmented?

The Mac versus PC debate calls into question numerous differences between the two computer platforms. One involves the system maintenance required to keep each operating system in tip-top condition. P

Is Defragging Your Registry a Good Idea?

A variety of computer problems can cause reductions in PC performance, but Windows registry issues top the list. Your computer's operating system and software applications must access the registry tho

Why the Best Disk Imaging Software Will Never be Free

The biggest question that you’re probably asking yourself is why you should pay for disk imaging software when there are General Public License (GPL) – also known as free — alternatives. Most Mac OS u

Windows Easy Transfer: A Free PC Migration Tool

Transferring your files from an old to new computer or operating system doesn't have to be a pricey process. After all, you've already spent money on the new computer and maybe even the new operating

What is White-Label Software, and Why Should You Care?

Updating your computer's drivers is an important – if often confusing – task that every PC owner will eventually face. It comes as no surprise that many companies offer software to help you sort throu

Your Hard Drive Crashed. Now What?

Don't panic! Here's the good news: all, or most of the time, the data stored on your hard drive is still there, you just can't access it. Hard disk drives are the most unreliable component of your PC

Whip Your Bloated Windows Registry into Shape

Like most people, you probably never think about the health of your PC's registry database. Why would you? You don't access the database directly. You can't open launch software or view files from the

Internet Safety Dangers: Fraudulent Registry Repair Programs

The internet can be a dangerous place. Cybercrimes are making up more and more of the total number of committed crimes. In this cyber age, criminals are finding new and aggressive ways to steal your p

Disk Imaging and the Home Media Network

What do you do with an old computer? It’s tempting to keep an old system simply because of the data stored on it. You likely have pictures and video, old software and documents, stuff that may serve n

Puran Defrag

Puran Defrag is disk defragmenter software, which offers a simplified set of features and a nicely done, easy to use interface that will appeal to many casual users. Puran Defrag offers several featur

Using File Compression Software to Maximize Dropbox and Google Drive

Computers come with gargantuan storage capacity, from 64GB to 1TB or more, and solid-state drives (SSDs) and external drives can add even more digital space. Moreover, storage potential in the cloud i

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