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O&O Defrag 19.5 Professional Edition Review

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O&O Defrag uses one dashboard for three different services. It offers support for disk defragmentation, and it also checks for duplicated files and startup inefficiencies. These three services scan through your most valuable data, so you don't need to run separate programs to maintain your system.

This disk defragmenter works as a background application and is capable of scanning several hard drives at once, which means you don't have to leave your computer on overnight when you want to run a simple operation. You can also schedule scans with this software. If you want this application to run while you head out for lunch, select the time and frequency that works for you.

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Beyond disk defragmentation and cleanup, O&O Defrag provides a scan made just for startup applications. This process locates your boot files and places them in a location where they can be quickly accessed. It works with larger files, including video files, and can assist in improving the speed with which games run.

The reports show lifetime performance statistics, so that if you need to go back to see, for example, if a particular program is slowing you down, you can do that. It also shows the standard defragmenting and disk-usage statistics.

This application also works with solid-state drives (SSD). Instead of a full defragmentation scan, O&O Defrag checks SSD storage for unused or unimportant files. Fragmentation does not affect a SSD the same way it does a hard drive. O&O Defrag therefore tells your system where to find these sectors so new files can be saved in their place.

The program comes with a built-in disk cleaner, which can remove duplicates and old registries, unneeded histories and other extraneous data in order to free up space that can be defragmented and used more effectively. By deleting extra information, you increase available HDD space. Further, permanently deleting this information can help prevent identity theft as well, because deleting files under Windows may not actually remove the file from your disk. Rather, it simply removes it from view but may leave traces of data that spyware can pick up.

O&O Defrag works with Windows 10, but it's also a disk defragmenter for Windows 8, 7 or Vista. It doesn't include a trial period, and licenses are purchased on a per-computer basis.

O&O Defrag 19.5 Professional Edition Visit Site